Australian Address Validation

Improve your customer experience and conversion rates access to accurate address information from Australia and around the world

Power your customer processes with accurate address data

Accurate address data can unlock a wealth of opportunity and efficiency for your business. From better conversion rates on your website to improved communications effectiveness, having complete, standardised and accurate customer address data helps you win more business and retain it.

Experian offers a range of address validation tools and services, all powered by address data from the most authoritative sources, Australia Post, Geoscape and New Zealand Post. We can help you improve the accuracy of your customer address data and utilise it more effectively to create business advantage.

Improve website form conversion

Experian’s real-time address validation solutions enable customers to quickly and accurately enter their address details.

Whether setting up a new account online, or ensuring accurate billing & delivery information, rapid address lookup helps improve form conversion rates by accelerating the customer journey.

Improve rates of delivered goods

A lost parcel is a headache for both the customer and organisation they have purchased from. Although the costs of investigating and solving the issue are not prohibitive, at scale, missing deliveries can be a large financial issue.

Capturing accurate address data first time not only improves the experience for the customer but also significantly helps the chances of a successful first-time delivery.

Save time and money

It’s not just missing deliveries that can impact organisations financially. Any time an issue has to be resolved, such as an error in a customer’s account setup, it has financial implications.

By improving the speed, format and accuracy of the address data you collect you unlock efficiencies and help to prevent downstream issues that drain valuable customer service resources.

Enrich Addresses

Increasingly sophisticated and digital-literate consumers are challenging the way organisations interact with them. Organisations must respond to this by developing a location intelligence strategy that optimises customer interactions and helps make better business decisions.

Experian’s address validation solutions help build a unique and holistic view of your customers by enriching addresses with detailed address metadata, geocode data, and predictive household data.

Address Validation Software & Services from Experian

Real time validation

Global real-time address validation software

The original global address lookup solution, used by the world’s leading institutions.

Real-time Address Validation from Experian, features unparalleled address accuracy and auto-completion to ensure the fastest data collection speeds possible.

Power your web forms to improve conversion rates and let your organisation offer the best customer experience they can by capturing data right, first time, every time.

address validation as a service

Bulk address validation software

Ensure your address data is always fit for purpose by integrating the world’s most advanced address validation solution.

Control when you cleanse and standardise your address data with a schedule that suits your organisation's needs.

With flexible deployment, access to the same authoritative global address repositories and 24/7 support, Bulk Address Validation from Experian can help you do more.

address validation as a service

Address validation as a service

Looking for support when managing the quality of your address data? Why not ask the experts?

Experian’s deep data heritage and legacy of developing innovative location and contact data management solutions position us perfectly to help deliver better business outcomes.

Deal with duplicates, missing fields and inaccuracies by letting the Experian team deliver your regular cleansing program.

How real-time address validation works?

Real-time address validation

Key Features

Global Address Validation

International coverage

Address data for over 245 countries around the world

Real-time lookup

Results appear as the user types to accelerate successful discovery

Robust data

Address data sourced and enhanced from the most authoritative sources: Australia Post PAF, G-NAF, Geoscape and New Zealand Post.

Tailored implementation options for major applications

SAP, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and

Customiseable interface

Including address format and UX

Access point geocodes

Providing you with a specific location for building access.

Experian’s Address Data Sets

Experian’s Data Sets provide the most up to date and precise portfolio of address data. Enabling your business to operate more efficiently. View the guide to learn more about our data.

Why validate your address data with Experian?

Data quality

The most authoritative address data repositories in the market


Deep data heritage and location data expertise


Innovating since day one. Flexible deployment.


Access to address data from more than 245 countries around the world


Save time and money by eliminating issues and errors

Customer satisfaction

Improve the experience for your customers with an intuitive and fast solution

Our latest Data Quality Insights

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IKEA delivers more personalised and targeted marketing to loyalty program members, increasing spend per customer and achieving greater return on investment (ROI).

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