Data Cleaning Services

Maximise the performance of your data quickly and securely

Take the hassle out of keeping your data clean with Experian's managed service

The quality of your data drives the performance of your organisation, but resolving quality issues that might waste time, money or provide a poor customer experience is not straightforward.

Our experienced consultants and secure cleaning services can rapidly help ensure your data is fit-for-purpose, for whatever you need it to do.

Data cleaning services

How data cleaning will help you perform

Improve your communications performance

Accurate, reliable contact data is the bedrock of any sophisticated marketing and communications strategy

Understand your ideal customer's interests and behaviour

Append thousands of unique customer insights to enrich your customer data and deliver a deeper level of understanding

Drive operational efficiency with accurate data

Fuel better decision making and drive more efficient operations with our advanced data cleaning technology and services

Data Cleaning Services from Experian

Address, email and phone cleaning

Improve your communications performance by validating your customers' address, email and phone data

Database cleaning and matching

Match accurate customer identities across databases and achieve a better view of your customers

National change of address

Stay in touch with your customers as they move and avoid wastage

Data audit services

Reduce risk, build strategy and justify investment with a full health check of your data

Data enrichment services

Build a better understanding of your customer by appending thousands of bespoke data points


Ensuring that your data is up-to-date saves you money, increases your organization's efficiency, and improves your customers' experience. Developed with both businesses and technical users in mind, Experian’s data management solution offers data cleansing and enrichment services to ensure that your data is both accurate and optimized.

Why trust your data cleaning to Experian?


Trusted by thousands of the world's biggest brands


Deep data management expertise


Intuitive, scalable technology

Experian’s Address Data Sets

Experian’s Data Sets provide the most up to date and precise portfolio of address data. Enabling your business to operate more efficiently. View the guide to learn more about our data.

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