At Experian, we are committed to using data responsibly to create positive outcomes for consumers, businesses and society. We obtain and process data compliantly and are dedicated to being transparent with consumers.

The Consumer Information Portal contains information to help you understand who we are, the data we obtain and process, the benefits of relevant marketing for consumers and society; and how to inform us if you wish to stop your personal data being used for marketing.

This is a separate part of Experian to the Credit Services business, however if you wish to learn more about your financial profile, you can visit Education Hub.

Experian Australia is aware of potential fraudulent calls from Australian mobile numbers, where if the number is called back, an automated response uses the Experian name.

To be clear, these calls are not affiliated with Experian in any way and we have reported the numbers to the appropriate authorities and telco issuers.

Security, and the safeguarding of information, is a top priority of our business and, as a rule, Experian does not carry out any outbound calls to consumers. 

Experian advises consumers not to disclose any of their personal confidential information to any unknown, or unverified source. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam call, or identity theft, and require information on steps to take to protect yourself, including placing a ban on your Experian credit report, please visit our Identity Theft Consumer FAQ. 

For information about your marketing data rights and supressing your personal data from being used by Experian Marketing Services clients, you can register to our supression file here.

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