Experian Data Quality Solutions

Drive insight, delight customers, mitigate risk and build revenues

Single Customer View

Experian’s SCV solutions incorporate best in class data preparation, data matching, golden record creation, monitoring and consultancy capabilities.

Data Migrations

At Experian, we partner with our clients and specialist providers to develop the migration scenario most suitable for your needs and requirements.

Data Management

Combine self-service data quality with globally curated data sets. Build consistent, accurate, and holistic views of consumer data available.

Customer Data Validation

We cross-reference, verify and update our data repositories on a daily basis to ensure our clients have access to the best data possible.

CRM Integration

Bring advanced data quality solutions seamlessly into your CRM system, so you can create and maintain an accurate view of your customers.

Data Governance

Our Data Governance and Data Quality functions are integrated seamlessly, in one business-friendly environment. 

Our latest Data Quality Insights


Digital Validation of Customer Data Powers Black Friday Sales

Experian has once again crunched the number of data validations performed for consumers purchasing goods and services digitally over the major consumer shopping periods that fell towards the end of the year (2022) across Australia.

Image 2

Exploring common use cases for Data Profiling

We take a closer look at data profiling and examine some of the common use cases where it is most useful

image 3

IKEA Australia Case Study

IKEA delivers more personalised and targeted marketing to loyalty program members, increasing spend per customer and achieving greater return on investment (ROI).

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