Customer Data Validation

Ensure data accuracy at every interaction with your customers to build better relationships and grow revenues

Why improve the accuracy of your customer data?

Focusing on the accuracy of your customer data can help you increase your business performance.

Improved communications, less operational errors and better decision making are just some of the beneficial outcomes you could experience by using customer data validation software and services from Experian.

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Improve your marketing results

Make every marketing dollar count by ensuring the best rate of contact success.

However your customer and prospects like to be contacted, accurate data builds the foundations for better ROI.


Put customer service at the centre of your operations

Having up-to-date customer data is crucial for an effective customer experience.

Better communications, accurate account management, and reputational growth all stem from correct customer data.

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Make faster, smarter decisions

Understanding the accuracy of your customer data is crucial when setting critical sales and marketing strategies.

How you can validate your data

Our comprehensive solutions can help your organisation ensure that your databases are clean and accurate. That way, your data will always be high quality and ready to use.

Real-time validation

Identifying mistyped email addresses, incorrect addresses and phone numbers as they happen, prompting customers to make the necessary corrections. It’s the ideal solution for web forms and landing pages, online shopping carts, web apps, and call centres.

Bulk list validation

Our batch contact data validation solutions can be run manually when you need it, or it can be run automatically within your database at set intervals. So you can rest assured knowing that your message will reach your customers or prospects.

Data validation products from Experian

Improve your customer contact data with Experian Email Validation solutions.

Email Validation

Reduce bounce rates, improve sender reputation and increase deliverability.

Email should be a central pillar of your digital engagement strategy and your core functions, such as Marketing, Customer Services, Sales and Operations all rely on it to power their digital interactions.

You can improve the performance of your email strategy by boosting the accuracy of your email data with email validation software and services from Experian.

address validation

Address Validation

Capture accurate addresses and reduce mailing costs, avoid delivery costs and improve customer perception.

Accurate address data can unlock a wealth of opportunity and efficiency for your business. From better conversion rates on your website to improved communications effectiveness, having complete, standardised and accurate customer address data helps you win more business and retain it.

Experian offers a range of address validation tools and services, all powered by address data from the most authoritative sources, Australia Post, Geoscape and New Zealand Post. We can help you improve the accuracy of your customer address data and utilise it more effectively to create business advantage.

phone validation

Phone Validation

Ensure the phone numbers you collect are accurate and consistent across all channels.

Phone validation is becoming an increasingly important part of your wider communications strategy. High answer and sms open rates mean that an accurate number is a strong method of customer communication.

Phone validation and verification services from Experian instantly validate mobile phone numbers at the point of data capture or from a list you already hold. This means you can successfully contact your customer more often when you have something important to say.

Why validate your customer data with Experian?

The most authoritative data sources in the market

Experian holds the most comprehensive and accurate data sources in the market.

We cross-reference, verify and update our data repositories on a daily basis to ensure our clients have access to the best data possible.

Cloud-enabled innovative technology

On-premise, cloud, hybrid? However your business is set up, Experian’s award-winning technology provides the flexibility and dynamism to support.

Unrivalled UX, rapid processing speeds and a deep technological heritage ensure you can worry about something other than the tech!

Trusted globally

We operate in 43 countries, and are trusted by thousands of brands to deliver innovative, accurate data-driven solutions every day.

Experian takes great pride in having the opportunity to support our clients’ ambitions and challenge ourselves to reach the very highest standards.

Deep data expertise

Experian has a deep data heritage. We've been delivering data driven solutions for over 100 years, and the skills of our team are second to none.

We live and breathe data every day - ensuring our clients get the guidance, support and solutions they need.

Latest data quality statistics for your industry

Data Quality stats for automotive industry

Experian’s address cleaning expertise and Australia Post’s National Change of Address (NCoA) data, can uplift your customer information and help ensure you provide quality service experiences, protect your brand and prevent lost revenue.

Secure data transfer and processing

Inactive flag identifying customers no longer at address

Deceased flag identifying customers who have passed away

New forwarding addresses where permission available or ability to “Reconnect” with other customers

Support from an experienced consultant to explain the results and what they mean for your organisation

Our latest Data Quality Insights

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What’s happening with Gmail accounts?

Google is starting a purge. Personal Gmail accounts that have been inactive for two plus years will be deleted starting December 1, 2023, this comes off a new policy set by Google earlier in 2023.

We outline the must-know details and what businesses can do today to minimise risk of being blacklisted and wind up with a collection of data debt.


Digital Validation of Customer Data Powers Black Friday Sales

Experian has once again crunched the number of data validations performed for consumers purchasing goods and services digitally over the major consumer shopping periods that fell towards the end of the year (2022) across Australia.

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IKEA Australia Case Study

IKEA delivers more personalised and targeted marketing to loyalty program members, increasing spend per customer and achieving greater return on investment (ROI).

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