Knowing your customers allows you to deliver the best possible experiences.

Data is one of the most powerful and versatile tools in your marketing toolkit.

It helps you understand your customers and prospects and what is important to them. It reveals insights that drive product and service improvements that are a vital component in your marketing success.

You'll uncover a deeper understanding of your customers which enables you to provide meaningful and relevant information at the right time. 


Actionable consumer insights

Segment and connect

Segment and connect

 Activate personalised data

Activate and connect

actionable audience insights

Actionable consumer insights

Your customers are your most valuable asset. If you get to know them better, you can strengthen your relationships by meeting their needs, anticipating problems and providing a better customer experience.

Experian enables you to extract valuable insights into your customers using rich and powerful data resources. Identify and understand who your customers and prospects are to enable deeper, more personalised connections and interactions across channels. 

• Enrich your CRM data to gain the full understanding of who your customers are 

• Understand and anticipate future customer behaviour

• Identify and learn about different consumer groups for research and prospecting

Segment and connect

Segment and connect

Once you’ve identified your ideal consumer, our segmentation solutions help you connect with them in more meaningful ways.  

Experian has the tools to help you navigate through consumers behavior and preference data to solve your unique marketing needs.  

Our considerable expertise and extensive capabilities will help your business connect with your target consumer to;

  • Better understand socioeconomics, lifestyles, and preferences of consumers 
  • Enrich your data to create custom audiences
  • Access and activate pre-built audiences based on demographics, industry, behaviors, and more 

 Activate personalised data

Activate and connect with consumers

Make meaningful connections with your audience by delivering customised marketing messages to your preferred audiences. Experian has expertise across a wide range of digital destinations including connected TV, social channels and numerous programmatic providers.

Utilising Experian’s extensive data resources and powered by our network of partners, you can powerfully activate data to drive your business success.

Boost engagement. Boost results.

Use the industry’s largest consumer database to discover and segment your customers, predict their buying behaviors, and earn their loyalty. Speak to one of our marketing experts today. We are here to guide you on your journey to better customer relationships.

Why Experian Marketing Services?

Experian is a global leader in data, analytics and marketing software and services. For decades we have helped the organisations make sense of their data and create new opportunities to grow.

Plan campaigns for your most valued customers

Understand which customers hold the most value for your organisation and provide meaningful and relevant information at the right time to see improved marketing performance.

Understand and anticipate future customer behaviour

Predicting how prospects and customers are likely to behave helps guide your business strategy. We provide deep actionable insights into consumer behaviours and lifestyles to help guide your customer marketing strategies.

Convert prospects more cost effectively, retain valuable customers

Having an effectiveapproach to understanding your customers and consumer populations allows organisations to develop improved business plans and implement valuable consumer growth strategies.

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