Concerned you may have been a victim of a data breach? Place a ban on your Experian credit report now

Protect your credit information

If you are concerned you may have been a victim of a data breach, scam call or potential fraud, you can place a ban on your Experian credit report now.

What are your financial goals? Perhaps it’s the security of owning your dream home, perhaps it’s taking on the challenge of running your own business. Maybe you’re looking to get a new phone contract. Whatever your definition of success, checking out your credit report is a good first step. A credit report provides one picture of your personal credit history. When you apply for credit, your lender will look at your credit report to help them assess your credit worthiness. At Experian, we believe knowledge is power, which is why you can access your Experian Credit Report any time for free.

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Request a Correction

If you notice any incorrect information on your Experian Credit Report let us or your credit provider know.

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Place a Ban

If you’re a victim or likely victim of fraud, stay in control by requesting a ban on your Experian Credit Report. You can also Extend or Lift a Ban.

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Transaction description feedback

If you are unable to identify the merchant from the transaction description on your bank statement, we can investigate to see if there is further information about the merchant we can provide to you.

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We’re a proud supporter of the industry initiative CreditSmart, a great resource developed by credit experts for you.


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