Customer Insight

Gain the information you need to identify and connect with the right customers for your products and services

Data-driven technology that delivers unparalleled customer insight

Data sits at the heart of a modern growth marketer’s role. The ability to combine proprietary and third party data assets in a meaningful way is the key to unlocking actionable customer insights.

Experian has a range of data-driven customer insight solutions that can help you profile, segment and enrich your existing customer data in order to better inform your marketing strategy.

Partner with Experian to enable deeper, more personalised connections and interactions across channels. 

Our customer insight solutions



Gain deeper insights into consumer lifestyles and behaviour to help you make more informed marketing decisions.


Custom Segmentation

Drive higher level of customer engagement and performance by focusing on unique customer needs that really matter to your business.

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Improve your customer understanding with real-time enrichment.

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Consumer Profile

Experian’s Consumer Profile is designed to give you rapid insights to your customer base. Consumer Profile is powered by Mosaic, Experian’s award-winning consumer classification platform.

How we improve your customer intelligence

1. Analyse your data

We’ll analyse your existing customer data to discover trends, patterns and irregularities

2. Profile your data

Learn more about your customers by leveraging our powerful consumer data platforms, Mosaic and ConsumerView

3. Determine market potential

Insight-driven qualification of potential audience opportunities, whilst driving incremental spend from existing customers

4. Advise channels to market

Determine optimal communication channels with customers and prospects that can potentially improve retention, cross sell and acquisition rates

5. Present findings

Pinpoint the right customers and communicate with them in the most relevant ways, through the right channel at the right time with the right message

How Experian can help your customer intelligence

Innovative technology to drive better insights

Combining our comprehensive classification, segmentation and enrichment technology gives you all the information you need to improve your customer engagement

Connect the right audiences with the right message

Unlocking deeper understanding about how your customers behave and what their preferences are allows you to create highly tailored engagement strategies and messaging

Tried and trusted data expertise

Thousands of organisations around the world trust Experian’s data-driven technology to power their customer insight programs

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