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Cutting through the noise and delivering your message to the right person has never been easy. Consumers are inundated with communications at an unprecedented scale. Leveraging the right technology and data assets can help you connect with consumers better and improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Mosaic, Experian’s award-winning consumer classification platform, groups the Australian population at a household level enabling your campaign to cut through the noise and be noticed.

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is the most comprehensive consumer classification tool in Australia. It can instantly provide organisations with a detailed and granular view of the socio-demographic profile of the Australian population and how that relates to their own customers.

Mosaic utilises more than a thousand data variables from a variety of sources to develop a rich and detailed understanding of consumer behaviours and preferences.

Using this insight into consumers, Experian models every Australian household to classify them into one of 14 Groups and 51 Types, based on their likely behaviours and preferences, which can then be attached to an organisation’s database for analysis, insight and activation.

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Mosaic in action

Explore a few of the Types we have available.

Central Prosperity

Middle-older aged empty nester couples renting very expensive properties in inner-urban areas, with high income.

Successful Spending

Young, married couples with children and high income, living in outer-suburban/metro-fringe areas.

Power Couples

Young diverse couples, well-educated, transient, city centre renters with high income and no children.

Determined Suburbans

Professional couples and singles with high income, owning their first home in high growth inner suburbs.

Spirit Questers

Millennial singles renting in coastal tourist areas, with below average income.

Selfless & Hardworking

Blue-collar families from multicultural backgrounds, living in outer-suburban areas, with average to high income.

Mature Modernites

Middle-aged couples without children, renting in inner suburban apartments and terraces.

Farming Reliance

Rural farmers and farm owners with below average income, living 10-40km away from the nearest town.

How Mosaic can help your organisation

One intuitive classification system

Mosaic layers it’s comprehensive classification data on top of your existing customer data so you have one powerful method for all your consumer audience profiling.

Select the right audiences every time

Combining understanding about how your customers behave and the rest of the market ensures you can select specific groups safe in the knowledge they will find it relevant.

Understand the preferences of your existing customers

Keeping your customers happy is critical to your success and knowing how they behave and their communications preferences enables you to service them in the very best way possible.

Deliver the right message across any channel

Mosaic provides behavioural insights for different groups, such as channel preference, that helps guide your marketing strategy and campaign decisions. 

Allocate marketing spend in the most effective way

Hyper-focused marketing is the future as consumers are far less willing to be generally marketed to - make every dollar work as hard as it can.

Personalise messages for different customers

The beauty of Mosaic from Experian lies in the ability to build very specific marketing audiences for which you can write extremely tailored marketing copy.

Key features

Powerful segmentation

Split the Australian population into 14 Groups and 51 Types and layer the data over your own information for unparalleled insights

Intuitive user experience

Mosaic is easy to use, fast to deploy and we can have you up and running with better audience profiling in no time

Data and technology expertise

Thousands of organisations around the world trust Experian’s data-driven technology to power their customer insight programs

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