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Take control of your data to stay compliant, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and drive your business strategy.

Data Governance is the key to sustainably unlocking the full value of the data you own - so that it can underpin your data strategy, not just today, but on a long-term basis. For an effective governance strategy, you need to put in place the correct processes, people, and technology.

It is with the latter component that we are able to help with your data governance efforts. Keep reading to explore how our data management platform will help you to proactively and collaboratively take care of your organisation's data.

83% of organisations see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy*

83% of organisations see data as an integral part of forming a business strategy

Why is Data Governance so important?

Cost and effort savings

A holistic approach means you spend considerably less time and money on ad-hoc manual day-to-day processes.

Customer experience

Having easy to find, complete, trustworthy data is key to providing an excellent customer interaction.

Regulatory compliance

Regular efforts to manage the trustworthiness of your data is a requirement in several regulations.

How do we drive your Data Governance?

Our data management tools are helpful in several ways

Business Driven

  • Business Rules to enforce Governance Policies
  • Glossary of terms to harmonise understanding


  • Works with the complete data set, not a sample
  • Harmonisation of data to allow consistency
  • Data and metadata (Rules can combine data with access logs, definitions and audit information)

Rapid time to value

  • Proactive - monitors statistically unusual data, e.g. unusual access to a sensitive file
  • Easily adopted - minimal IT support
  • Automated processes


  • Targeted reports with actionable details and summaries
  • Auto-escalating alerts
  • Configurable audit logs

Advanced Functionality

  • Enterprise search
  • Issue Management
  • Business-friendly custom rule creation
  • Data Lineage Mapping
  • Data Provenance

Ease of use

  • Non-technical product
  • Fast and powerful
  • Pre-loaded with useful rules


Data Governance with Collibra

Aperture Data Studio with Collibra Data Governance enables our clients to understand, manage and update data through sophisticated workflows configured for business needs.

Getting ahead of the game - proactive data governance

This paper offers advice from an independent Data Governance Coach, Nicola Askham, about how to proactively implement a data governance framework.

Aperture Data Studio for Data Governance leaders

Build a governance framework that promotes collaboration and security using the very latest data management technology.

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