Remain vigilant to scam calls

Experian is aware of our name being used in scam calls targeting Australian consumers.

Experian Australia is aware of potential fraudulent calls from Australian mobile numbers, where if the number is called back, an automated response uses the Experian name.

To be clear, these calls are not affiliated with Experian in any way and we have reported the numbers to the appropriate authorities and telco issuers.

Security, and the safeguarding of information, is a top priority of our business and, as a rule, Experian does not carry out any outbound calls to consumers. 

Experian advises consumers not to disclose any of their personal confidential information to any unknown, or unverified source. If you believe you have been a victim of a scam call, or identity theft, and require information on steps to take to protect yourself, including placing a ban on your Experian credit report, please visit our Identity Theft Consumer FAQ.

You can also take proactive measures to protect your credit information by either placing a Ban directly with one of the three Australian Credit Bureau, or via our partner Credit Savvy. Through the Credit Savvy app you can activate SavvyShield™, place a ban with all three Bureau and be alerted to any activity on your Experian Credit Report while the ban is active. Please refer to Experian’s FAQ’s to understand more about Bans on your credit report.