Responsible Marketing

As a responsible marketing services provider, we are committed to ensuring the interests of consumers are at the heart of what we do. This encompasses both the safeguards we have in place to protect your personal data and our ethical approach to how your data is used in a marketing context to ensure you experience no detriment or harm because of our activities. 


Experian is committed to the continual development of our safeguards and controls to protect your data privacy and to ensure our use of personal data for marketing (across all channels) does not have an adverse effect and/or create harm to you. These measures include:

  • Ensure adherence content works to industry controls around use of data for marketing purposes
  • Continued focus on our robust supplier due diligence processes
  • Managing data accuracy and quality across the product lifecycle to ensure all personal data is up-to-date and fit for purpose at the time it is provided to clients. This includes data retention policies and periods applicable to the personal data used in each of our services
  • Defined data retention periods for all personal data to ensure that data is only held by Experian Marketing Services for a reasonable period. We’ll keep your personal data for as long as we need it to provide the marketing services which we provide to our clients. We may also keep it to comply with our legal obligations, resolve any disputes and enforce our rights. These reasons can vary from one piece of information to the next and depend on the service we’re offering, so the amount of time we keep your personal information for may vary. In all cases, our need to use your personal data will be reassessed on a regular basis, and information which is no longer required for any purposes will be disposed of.
  • Internal governance processes to protect consumer data and rights illustrated through our organisational approach to protecting your personal data which emphasises the importance of having the whole business involved in mitigating any risk. 

Our Internal Audit function undertakes regular audits of all our marketing activities in Experian, focusing on data protection and privacy issues to provide independent assurance that controls are in place and functioning properly and where personal data is being processed, data protection and privacy principles are adhered to and consumers are being treated fairly.

At Experian we consider the potential impact of any processing of personal data, ‘up front’ and that we consider any potential resulting negative or detrimental impact on the consumer or their privacy rights. 

All colleagues in Experian must undertake regular compulsory data protection training and within the business we encourage a culture of putting the consumer first and protecting consumer data privacy rights.

  • Alignment with industry codes of practise.
  • Client due diligence processes to ensure that, as far as possible, the clients we work with and the uses for which personal data is supplied to our clients, does not involve making decisions about the individual that could have an adverse effect and create ham to individuals. We require clients to implement appropriate security measures to safeguard your information and to notify us of any incidents affecting your information.
  • Sending information outside of AU. Experian is based in the UK, which is where our main databases are. Experian and our clients also operate elsewhere in and outside the European Economic Area, so we may access your personal data from and transfer it to these locations as well.

    While countries in the European Economic Area all have rigorous data protection laws in place, there are parts of the world that may not be quite so rigorous and don't provide the same quality of legal protection when it comes to your personal data. To make sure we keep your personal data safe, we apply strict safeguards when transferring it overs.