Important information

Experian Digital, powered by Look Who's Charging, is a technology business with an extensive database of merchants. Financial institutions, such as banks, use this database to help their customers easily identify where a purchase was made, including information such as the company trading name, logo, maps and other contact details. Please review the information below and select the option that best describes the nature of your enquiry.

I am a consumer

If you are a consumer and have feedback regarding a transaction description on your bank statement or banking app, you can view further information here.

I am a business

If you are a merchant and have feedback on how your business appears on bank statements and apps, please submit merchant transaction feedback.

Merchant description feedback

This form is for businesses only. We will endeavour to respond to enquiries within one business day. Please provide us with a screenshot of the issue as this will help us investigate and promptly action the feedback.

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