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Aperture Enrichment

Improve your customer understanding with real-time enrichment

Aperture Enrichment is a data enrichment service that enables organisations to gain insights and make data-driven decisions in real-time, allowing businesses to execute on sophisticated marketing activities, assist with lead scoring and help determine the most profitable action to take with prospects and customers.


Aperture Enrichment is powered by Experian's ConsumerView, which can be used to enrich your customers and prospects with demographic, consumption or attitudinal information at point of capture for greater personalisation and a more targeted messaging.


ConsumerView provides an up to date and consistent view of the Australian adult population, containing cross-channel contact data aligned with in depth insight to drive improved consumer marketing engagement.

Key Benefits

  • Enrich data at point of capture for real-time actionable insights

  • Ensure prospects and customers receive a highly personalised experience to drive high quality leads and increase conversion rates

  • Access to unique and extensive consumer and market data to complement your organisations’ own data

  • A modern, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides scalability and operational efficiencies

  • Integrate the data enrichment API solution directly into your website and other applications

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