Aperture Data Studio An intelligent data quality & enrichment platform

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Aperture Data Studio

An intelligent self- service data quality and enrichment platform

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Build the most consistent, accurate and holistic view of consumers

Aperture Data Studio is a powerful and easy to use data management suite that helps you manage consumer data projects with confidence, in your own environment.

It enables everyday users to quickly and easily develop sophisticated workflows that incorporates machine learning algorithms for automatic data tagging and enriches the data using globally-curated data sets from Experian. This ensures data quality and helps govern adherence to data standards.

Quickly profile, standardise, cleanse, transform and enrich your data with Aperture

  • Single Customer View (SCV)
    Achieves greater customer insight over time, by providing customer-centric data preparation, monitoring, deduplication, verification and enrichment.
  • Data Migration

    Provides the connectivity, rapid loading, powerful profiling, workflow management and easy prototyping to ensure a successful migration.

  • Data Profiling
    Data Profiling

    Quickly and easily profile data to understand deficiencies as an essential first step to cleansing, joining and validating data.

  • Data Preparation
    Data Preparation

    Proactively identify data quality issues before they negatively impact your business, through robust data quality dashboarding, reusable workflows and business rules.

  • Data Governance
    Data Governance

    Aperture has a range of governance specific capabilities such as business glossary management and stewardship monitoring.

  • Regulation

    Data Studio profiles the complete data set and audits every step in readiness for statutory reporting and enhanced transparency of data and processes, de-risking compliance initiatives.

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Extremely professional and eager to help. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist with our needs and current pain points

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I've been dealing with Experian for a few years and always found them to be extremely helpful. They listen to our problem statement and make suggestions that is appropriate to the size of our agency. I wish all our interactions with vendors were the same.

Suncorp New ZealandMing
Hard working team, flexible work arrangement and always focus on customer's needs.

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First class service, proactive, results orientated, no hard sell


I like the structured, collaborative and pro-active approach the Experian team has in our business interactions.

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