At Experian we are proud of our inclusive, collaborative and diverse culture. It is a key foundation of our strategy and underpins our purpose to create a better tomorrow for consumers, for businesses, our people and communities. Fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where all our people feel that they belong, can be comfortable to be themselves at work and thrive, is a priority for Experian. We are committed to ensure that people practices do not adversely affect their remuneration or treatment at work. 

Improving gender equity at Experian is a key focus for myself and the leadership team. Our extensive gender equity agenda endeavours to improve the employee experience for both women and men, and guarantee that all our people can access opportunities, support and resources that are relevant and meaningful. As part of the agenda, we are focusing on continually reviewing talent management, reward and recognition approaches to be more inclusive and equitable, embedding our learning and development offerings and partnering with organisations such as Work 180 and Explore Careers to improve our gender representation. In addition, we seek regular feedback from our people via engagement surveys, focus groups, forums, people leader consultations and other interactions to understand the aspects of our employee experience we can enhance and our strengths we should continue to sustain.

Whilst we have made significant improvements regarding gender equity and representation in our business, we know there is still work to do. Our Gender Pay Gap and any pay disparity has been the result of both the types of roles women may be occupying in our business and the representation of women across the business, and not based on gender. We adopt a rigorous and objective remuneration review process, which is governed by our Reward Committee and involves executive approval at a local, regional and global level, ensuring any potential gender bias is mitigated. 

The current Gender Pay Gap is predominantly impacted by the higher proportion of men in our workforce composition. Specifically, due to the higher ratio of men occupying commission-based roles and certain people leadership positions, disparity between men and women exists in regard to base salary and total remuneration. We are cognisant of the gender imbalance in certain roles and are committed to closing this gap through attracting a better representation for women in our job application process and focusing on the implementation of targeted interventions such as embedding our regional Women in Experian Employee Resource Group, Unconscious Bias Training, working with our People Leaders, partnering with Work180, Circle In and Explore Careers and embedding our Equity agenda throughout the business.  

We are committed to continually reviewing and evolving our practices to make our workplace and society more equitable for both women and men. We feel it is our collective responsibility to drive gender equity.

Andrew Black