Data Quality Solutions for your CRM

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Better data quality for
your CRM integrations

Integrated data quality technology for your CRM that powers your
business operations

Empower your teams with accurate and reliable CRM data

Clean CRM data is a vital asset for any sales, marketing and operations team. However, only 51% of organisations* believe that their CRM customer data is clean. Having accurate, trusted data can enhance your customer experience, increase innovation, and drive more efficient business practices.

Experian brings advanced data quality solutions seamlessly into your CRM system so you can create and maintain an accurate view of your customers.

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At Experian, we unlock the power of data to create opportunities, improve lives and make a difference to society.

  • Global presence
    Global presence

    Our 17,800 people work across 44 countries

  • 12,000+ clients
    12,000+ clients

    Over 12,000 clients around the globe

  • Established over 125 years
    Established over 125 years

    Trusted by businesses and consumers for over 125 years

  • Unprecedented Data
    Unprecedented Data

    Our breadth of data is unmatched, as is our continuous focus on data quality

How Experian can help you make more of your CRM data

Integrated CRM data quality - key features

  • 1

    Sophisticated duplicate matching functionality for your accounts and contacts - ask us today for a free trial

  • 2

    Full flexibility and customisable matching criteria/business rules within your CRM

  • 3

    Improved automation and simplicity - our technology is built for business users, so there is less dependency on IT

  • 4

    Our intuitive dashboards and workflows ensure you can maintain data quality on an ongoing basis within your CRM

Why choose Experian to help you leverage your CRM data

Why validate your address data with Experian?

  • Salesforce CRM
    Salesforce CRM

    Validate postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers globally in real-time. Our certified app integrates seamlessly into Sales & Service Cloud.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

    Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers at multiple touchpoints within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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    Technical Doc

  • SAP CRM and ERP
    SAP CRM and ERP

    Validate, standardise and complete postal addresses in real-time within SAP CRM and ERP to maximise your system ROI and ensure data accuracy.

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  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Validate, standardise and enrich postal addresses, email addresses and phone numbers through a certified cartridge on the Salesforce LINK.

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Case Study

Learn how Diabetes Victoria utilised Experian's data quality solutions to accelerate it's digital transformation

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Extremely professional and eager to help. Always willing to go above and beyond to assist with our needs and current pain points

Australian Financial Security AuthorityRichard

I've been dealing with Experian for a few years and always found them to be extremely helpful. They listen to our problem statement and make suggestions that is appropriate to the size of our agency. I wish all our interactions with vendors were the same.

Suncorp New ZealandMing
Hard working team, flexible work arrangement and always focus on customer's needs.


I like the structured, collaborative and pro-active approach the Experian team has in our business interactions.

Ikea Pty LtdWendy

Great client service, strong analytical team and a strong enabler to help internal client collaboration.

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Great working with the Experian contacts and team - highly knowledgeable, great understanding of our needs and always willing to help.

Lexer Pty LtdKristy

Experian data is a real differentiator for Lexer and for our clients that use Lexer. I really value the partnership I have with the team, who are all really friendly, responsive and creative in their recommendations for how the data can be used.

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The Experian team has been very professional in handling our requests and resolving them promptly. They understand our business well and provide the best solution suitable to our environment.

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