Leverage your data in Salesforce

How many duplicates exist in your CRM? How much of that data is even accurate? What’s the knock-on effect of dirty data?

Data is growing exponentially, flowing from multiple sources and stored in disparate systems. Moving data from one system to another can be complicated, often migration projects run over time, over budget, or both. Especially customer duplication is one of the biggest challenges for achieving a Single Customer View within Salesforce within Contacts & Accounts tables.

What’s more is our solutions integrate with Salesforce, enabling you to have a solution that is easy to manage and maintain a consistent view of your customers.

  • Salesforce integration
  • Sophisticated duplicate matching functionality with Accounts & Contacts
  • Full flexibility around specifying matching criteria/business rules
  • Automation and Simplicity: Focused on business users, less dependency on IT
  • Maintain Data Quality on an ongoing basis within Salesforce

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