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Data is at the heart of everything. It provides the right understanding that fuels the right decisions. But it is what you do with it and where it takes you that counts. We combine advanced tools and techniques with expertise in credit risk to help you bring data to life and turn it from information into insight throughout the customer lifecycle.

Better decisions, powerful insight and faster decision making on demand – now accessible with
Experian Ascend Analytical Sandbox

We know that there are many barriers that impact the success of analytics projects. From the identification of and access to the right data sources through to extracting insights and presenting them in a business-friendly format – time, money and analytical expertise are key to a successful project. This, alongside the sophisticated technical estate required to support your projects, means it can become a balancing act between the quality and time to delivery of your projects. But what if you could increase the quality and quantity whilst keeping costs under control and access meaningful insight in seconds?

Experian Ascend Analytical Sandbox is a powerful and secure on-demand analytics platform for credit-related research purposes that gives you access to de-identified data from Experian’s leading consumer bureau and a range of alternative data sources, including your own.

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