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Data is at the heart of everything. It provides the right understanding that fuels the right decisions. But it is what you do with it and where it takes you that counts. If our off-the-shelf solutions don’t fit into your strategies, our experts can provide custom solutions that are built to fit your business and your customer profile.


Experian’s experts can tailor solutions to fit your needs

We use our extensive knowledge of the credit industry to help with the development of scorecards. This could include support and advice in creating an appropriate sample for development, as well as building the required models.

Additionally, you can use our knowledge of enhanced strategy modelling to help get the most from scorecards and use the score in such a way that benefits strategy.

A customised solution enables the use of all data available at the decision point (for example applicant demographics, credit bureau data, existing account information and geo-demographic information) to predict how applicants and customers will behave in the future. This helps you get the most out of your strategies.

How Analytics & Scorecard Services can help

Global expertise and innovative approaches to all things analytics

Tailored solutions to address your needs

Experts to advise on strategies

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