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Maximise debt collection, update customer contact information

How to implement a debt management strategy

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Maximise debt collection efforts by maintaining up-to-date contact information

Develop a more focused debt collection strategy to reduce costs, save time and maximise resources. As the level of personal debt in Australia is rising, it is increasingly important that as a credit provider you are working with individuals to help them reduce their levels of debt quickly and in a controlled manner. Identifying and maintaining current addresses and employer details for your accounts is critical to your debt recovery efforts.

Reach your consumers sooner with the right contact information

Experian provides you with data from unique sources to help you locate consumers, identify the right party contact and improve your hit rates.

It is a simple, cost-effective way to maintain up-to-date address and employer information so you can reach your customers should they fall into arrears and differentiate between older and newer addresses to prioritise cases with recent address data.

How Skip Management Solutions can help

  • Enrich contact data to help you contact the right customer

    <p>Enrich contact data to help you contact the right customer</p>
  • Monitor and control what accounts to track

    <p>Monitor and control what accounts to track</p>
  • Reduce time and money finding debtors

    <p>Reduce time and money finding debtors</p>
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