Experian PowerCurve® AIVA for Collections

Automate multiple customer conversations with our Artificially-Intelligent Virtual Assistant

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Customers demand the right level of engagement. They have come to expect a seamless interaction with technology, allowing them to access the products and services they desire, when they want and how they want.

Introducing Experian PowerCurve® AIVA for Collections

PowerCurve AIVA closes the communication gap with customers, providing businesses with the missing link between digitalisation and automation of the collector-debtor dialogue.

Through a 24/7 portal where customers can login and start a discussion with AIVA, they can quickly understand what their arrears are and take the necessary steps to manage their outstanding debt, all in real-time.

Multiple channels are supported and AIVA can simultaneously manage 1,000 customer conversations, providing a unique experience for each one in over 70 languages.

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How PowerCurve AIVA can help

  • Standardised, consistent responses eliminating errors

    <p>Standardised, consistent responses eliminating errors</p>
  • Best in class AI technology and fast response times

    <p>Best in class AI technology and fast response times</p>
  • Multi-lingual with over 70 languages supported

    <p>Multi-lingual with over 70 languages supported</p>
  • Decreases operating costs by automating hundreds of concurrent conversations

    <p>Decreases operating costs by automating hundreds of concurrent conversations</p>
  • Real-time integration with PowerCurve Collections

    <p>Real-time integration with PowerCurve Collections</p>
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