Target & Segment family households with one or two children

Mosaic Segmentation, target family households

Successful Spending

Young, married couples with children and high income, living in
outer-suburban/metro-fringe areas

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HH Income: $156,000 +
HH Income:
$156,000 +
HH Composition: Families
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Owned
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Gen X families
Gen X families
High income
High income
Outer metropolitan suburbs
Outer metropolitan suburbs
Large house
Large house
School-aged children
School-aged children

These financially-astute households not only have their own mortgage under control but may also have control on another investment property mortgage. Aside from investments in real estate, Successful Spending often have healthy super funds that will provide a financially-comfortable retirement. This Type are influential amongst their social groups and are often a source of advice on topics such as travel, finance, renovations, and dining out. Given their status amongst friends and their financial independence, Successful Spending are enjoying their time with their children as well as setting themselves up for the future.

Successful Spending are typically family households with one or two children aged under 15 years old. Adults are in their mid-30s to late-40s. Representation comes from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and many of these families arrived in Australia in the late 80s and 90s. High incomes of over $150,000 p.a. and are commonly found in industries such as healthcare, education, and technology.

Living in the outer metropolitan suburbs of Australia’s capital cities, typical Successful Spending enjoys a large 4- or 5-bedroom house on an average sized block of land. A higher than average income allows this Type to comfortably manage the mortgage. Their outer suburban residences and proximity to the city means the car is an important part of the Successful Spending household. Ownership is high and often 2 or 3 cars can be found in their garages. Recent movers to their current address, this Type are frequently part of a migration from inner city suburbs and into larger more family-focused neighbourhoods in the outer suburbs. Popular suburbs for this Type are Kellyville, The Ponds and Glenwood in NSW, and Point Cook, Keysborough and Berwick in Victoria.


Point Cook



New South Wales


The Ponds


Western Australia

Canning Vale

Piara Waters


A typical evening for this Type might involve helping the kids with their homework. When time allows, Successful Spending try to get to the gym at least once a week or make the occasional trip to the beauty salon. This Type typically take some R&R at theme parks or other family-friendly activities. The ease of online commerce, means that these trips are booked and arranged online. Dining out at least once a week allows the family to take a break from cooking meals. Entertaining friends at home and watching sports on the weekend are an enjoyable pastime for Successful Spending.

Successful Spending are an advertising-aware group of consumers. They pay attention to much of the advertising messages they see during their day. Good connection to the internet is important to these households even though this Type also tend to rely on their mobile phones to access to the internet. The phone is very important in helping to organise their busy lives, and this medium is a preferred channel for receiving advertisements. Successful Spending use social media to stay up to date and regularly use it for sharing photos and staying connected with friends. Comments and reviews online are also influential to this Type, and they keenly add their own comments and opinions to these forums.

The family children exert a significant amount of influence on the clothes and food purchased by the household. Successful Spending often see themselves as trendsetters and love to display their success, and they are willing to spend money to achieve these goals. They enjoy family trips outside of Australia during the school holidays. Travel shows often influence the holiday destinations, as this Type are keen to experience new and adventurous destinations. Fashion-forward families, the Successful Spending home is always well-styled and up-to-date. Keen to display their wealth, affluence and sense of style, messaging that appeals to these sensibilities are likely to be well received.

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