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Spirit Questers

Millennial singles renting in coastal tourist areas,
with below average income

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Who We Are
HH Income: Under $41,000
HH Income:
Under $41,000
HH Composition:  Singles
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Rented
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Coastal and tourism locations
Coastal and tourism locations
Well educated
Well educated
Millennial singles & sharers
Millennial singles & sharers
Retail and service roles
Retail and service roles
Below average income
Below average income

Spirit Questers are social and influential. They don’t like to take in a lot of advice but they do enjoy giving it. Because of their professions in tourism and hospitality –predominantly in tourist towns – this advice can go a long way. Tapping into this word-of-mouth opportunity can be a powerful source of advocacy that savvy brands can capitalise on. Food, health and wellbeing present opportunities for brands to influence the Spirit Questers.

For some, the desk life just isn’t for them. This educated Type, most likely after a stint of international travel, realised there is more to life than staring at a computer screen 9–5. Instead they choose the endless summer, away from technology and closer to nature and people. More likely to be single and aged 30–34, Spirit Questers are working in part-time or full-time work within the tourism or hospitality industry. With an average personal income likely to be under $50,000 p.a. they are in it for the passion and not the money.

Drawn to nature and a simpler life, Spirit Questers are one of the Types most likely to live within proximity to the coast and national parks, and this is very much a conscious choice. Traditionally warm, holiday locations are where this Type calls home with large contingents in Cairns, Byron Bay and in Darwin. They aren’t the only ones attracted to these areas as they have some of the highest population growth rates. Vehicle ownership is low as are average rents and mortgage repayments for those renting or living in their own homes. Other suburbs that contain many Spirit Questers are Surfers Paradise, Southport and Maroochydore in Queensland, and Wollongong, Gosford and Port Macquarie in NSW.


Surfers Paradise



New South Wales



Port Macquarie

Using their bicycle as their main form of transport, Spirit Questers enjoy visiting the beach and interacting with nature. Drinking and socialising usually takes place in informal social settings instead of licensed venues or at private events. Despite favouring social interaction, donations and charity isn’t high on the list for this Type. Shopping and purchasing is limited to the main streets in town where recommendations and trialling a product can be done in person. A low-stress lifestyle rules the ‘order-of-the-day’ here.

Spirit Questers are a hard Type to reach. They are advertising-averse and actively avoid it where possible. Traditional channels are rarely consumed, and recommendations from others can often fall on deaf ears, preferring to make their own decisions. Despite having high levels of laptop ownership, they aren’t big users. Outdoor advertising is one of the few mediums which hits the mark with this Type. Whilst they aren’t influenced by advertising per se, they are likely to remember their experiences and share them with their loyal followers, good or bad. Ensuring the message being communicated is a positive one, is an area to place your energy.

Price and product information are important for this Type, as it helps build trust and can overcome the cynicism they hold towards forms of advertising. Spirit Questers see themselves as independent thinkers, thus brands which aim for personalisation and speak to the uniqueness of their offering will likely grab their attention. Despite not having the means to ‘give back’ themselves, they do feel positive about brands that do give to charity or support causes. Price is important, and they often ‘hold out’ for sales.

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