Target blue collar workers, migrant families

Mosaic Segmentation, target established migrant families

Selfless & Hardworking

Blue-collar families from multicultural backgrounds, living in outer-suburban areas, with average to high income

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Who We Are
HH Income: $104,000-$182,000
HH Income:
HH Composition:  Families
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Owned
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Gen X families
Gen X families
Culturally diverse
Culturally diverse
Blue-collar and service roles
Blue-collar and service roles
Home owners
Home owners
Average income
Average income
Outer suburban areas
Outer suburban areas

Selfless & Hardworking are established migrant families working in blue-collar jobs typically within factories and in transport. They do not have any significant investments, with most savings done involuntarily via superannuation. They like to possess things that show they have money and have a need to keep up with appearances via designer labels. Cars typically give their appearance a big boost.

Selfless & Hardworking are established migrant families who work in blue-color jobs within the transportation, manufacturing, and wholesale industries. With no typical paper qualifications, they typically end up in technical trades working at machinery operators, drivers, and labourers.

The houses of Selfless & Hardworking are highly likely to be owned, either outright or with a mortgage, as this Type is one of the least likely in Australia to rent. Expansive, detached 4-bedroom houses are common, built on large plots of land that are typically over 1,500m2. They are the most likely Type in their Group to have a flat attached to the house to accommodate extended family members. While far from being the most rural type, these homes in inner regional locations are often some distance from the nearest main road, coastal areas, and shopping centres. Three or four vehicles service the needs of all family members. Popular suburbs for this Type are Blacktown, Greenacre and Merrylands in NSW, and Roxburgh Park, Narre Warren South and Carnlea in Victoria.

New South Wales





Roxburgh Park

Narre Warren South


Selfless & Hardworking enjoy doing things that show they have money. They are frequent attendees at night clubs, bars and casinos. To relax, this Type can be seen going to amusement parks and live events, or unwinding at the local beauty salon. They have also taken an interest in rugby league, soccer, basketball, boxing, and martial arts. The convenience of online shopping hasn't quite rubbed-off on them as they are more likely to just use the internet for research purposes instead of the actual purchase of products and services.

This Type relies heavily on the internet for their media consumption needs. TV is downloaded and watched on the computer, mobile phone, and tablets. They are not likely to watch subscription TV. Their mobile phone is an integral part of their life, and they are receptive to advertising. They are likely to be glued to the TV when their favourite program is being aired, and are likely to be influenced by brands with celebrity endorsements. Grocery ads on the TV or radio also influence their shopping decisions.

Despite being middle income, Selfless & Hardworking are interested in portraying a successful life. Being established migrant families, they like to possess or do things that show they have money. They typically communicate success by wearing designer labels and driving vehicles that look the part. They have limited time to shop around for day-to-day things. They enjoy weekend getaways or short breaks where everything is planned for them.

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