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Power Couples

Young diverse couples, well-educated, transient, city centre renters with high income and no children

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HH Income: $182,000 +
HH Income:
$182,000 +
HH Composition:  Couples
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Rented
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Millennials and Gen X couples
Millennials and Gen X couples
City centres
City centres
High income
High income
High-rise apartments
High-rise apartments
Culturally diverse
Culturally diverse

Power Couples are young, successful and high-earning couples. Career-focused and hardworking, this Type aims to live life to the fullest and has a healthy appetite for adventure and creative pursuits. Well paid employment results in few financial concerns and with the savings slowly building, Power Couples often have some money left over to spend on extras. They are the least likely Type to have children and this often results in relatively high discretionary spend to indulge in the things they love to do. Power Couples are keen to build their wealth and have plans to invest in the future.

Power Couples are typically young professional couples or singles earning personal incomes above $100,000 p.a. and renting high rise apartments in the inner city. This Type contains a notable number of recent migrants from diverse backgrounds including Chinese, French, Korean, Russian and South African. These young professionals and managers are well educated and have attained degrees in creative arts, IT, commerce and sociology. Aged between 25–34 years, this Type does contain a small representation of those who are brand new to the country or those that are still studying.

These households are largely located in the inner-city suburbs. In Melbourne, these households are common in the CBD, Southbank, South Yarra and Docklands suburbs. Similarly, the Sydney suburbs that are highly represented by this Type are Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Potts Point. Power Couples are living in high rise apartments often with only one bedroom with no car space. They are a likely to consider buying a property of their own soon, and in some cases this may be a first home or even an investment property.




South Yarra

New South Wales

Surry Hills




Brisbane City

Fortitude Valle

South Brisbane

Power Couples value and enjoy their busy social lives yet remain focused and committed to the development of their careers. Unique holidays, luxury cars and the latest release technology are all areas of particular interest for this Type. Maintaining personal appearance is important and this Type regularly visit the salon or hairdresser, are committed gym members, and enjoy spending weekends away camping. When not escaping city life, this Type revel in all that Australia’s capitals offer and will often be seen enjoying night clubs, bars, concerts, casinos and dining out with friends.

Power Couples are passionate about new technology and enthusiastically consume entertainment media. They combine both these passions and are heavy users of mobile technology to stream television or listen to online radio. This Type are not lovers of traditional media and prefer online interactions such as dating apps and often post content on their own blog. Even though online is the preferred media channel, Power Couples do generally notice adverting across most media channels. Regardless of initial source, they are very likely to seek further information online.

Power Couples are focused on health and well-being. They take pride in their appearance, and want to ensure they are living a happy and healthy life. Messaging that appeals and understands these priorities, yet recognises the daily struggle to maintain balance, should be well received. Their careers are often prioritised over other aspects of life, so Power Couples like to ensure constant progression. Maintaining a work-life balance is important, but Power Couples love living a life of excitement and adventure.

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