Target singles and couples with no children in the household

Mosaic Segmentation, target singles and couples with no kids

Mature Modernites

Middle-aged couples without children, renting in inner
suburban apartments and terraces

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Who We Are
HH Income: $156,000 +
HH Income:
$156,000 +
HH Composition:  Couples
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Rented
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Middle aged
Middle aged
Couples without children
Couples without children
Apartments and terraces
Apartments and terraces
High growth suburbs
High growth suburbs
High property value
High property value

With no children and an established home and lifestyle, Mature Modernites have disposable income and are confident enough in their finances to use it to it’s potential. With a long-term focus, quality purchases are more important than price. This Type are influencers within their networks across categories such as clothing, accessories, and technology. Overseas travel and cultural events such as museums and music concerts are favourite pastimes of Mature Modernites.

Mature Modernites are singles and couples with no children in the household. This Type is unlikely to be married or have ever been married. Generally aged 45–60, this Type can be found working in industries such as hospitality and the arts and sciences. Not content with just working, Mature Modernites are looking to expand their knowledge through further education with many currently studying in some capacity. Earning a comfortable income around $90,000 p.a. this Type are liberal in their beliefs and a large contingent identify as atheists.

Mature Modernites are typically renting apartments and units in suburban areas around their city of residence. Proximity to public transport is important, with many choosing this option as their means for commuting. Rent payments typically sit around $450–$650 a week for their 2-bedroom apartments. Content with their choice in location, length of residence is high within this Type, and averaging over 10 years, meaning they are unlikely to move from their established residence anytime soon. Popular suburbs for this Type are Marrickville and Maroubra in Sydney, and Melbourne; Coburg, Preston and Carnegie in Melbourne.





New South Wales



Dulwich Hill



West End


Maintaining strong relationships across both family and friends holds high importance to this Type. With no children, this allows Mature Modernites to enjoy the social side of life. Cultural events and activities are a favourite pastime, such as going to museums, concerts, themed events, and festivals. Having time to themselves is also important, and for many getting lost in a good book presents the escape they are after. Whilst not heavy exercisers, cycling and walking are great ways to stay healthy and enjoy the environment around them. Online purchases generally cover categories such as flowers, sports event tickets, and cinema tickets.

Mature Modernites are heavy users across a range of media channels. They are heavy consumers across broadcast and digital radio, magazine consumption, and cinema. They are also heavy consumers across television, however, this is limited mainly to non-commercial television viewing such as ABC and SBS. This Type often likes to talk about what they read in newspapers, and to be well-informed about the world around them. Despite being light internet users, they do utilise social media to stay up to date on events and festivals taking place in their local area. Mature Modernites are open to influence for categories such as home styling, clothes and cosmetics, and places to eat out.

Mature Modernites are confident and feel financially secure. They feel free to spend and indulge on products; for them it’s not about price, therefore messaging should be tailored to their desire to enjoy life’s luxuries and promote quality. Music is important, as it helps define who they are as does their self-professed foodie status. Focusing on positive environmental impacts will be important as will highlighting positive community benefits associated with a brand where possible. This Type will prefer to save up for a quality product purchase over an inferior alternative, and this means they are long-term oriented.

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