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Mosaic Segmentation, target farmers and farm owners

Farming Reliance

Rural farmers and farm owners with below average income,
living 10-40km away from the nearest town

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Who We Are
HH Income: $34,000-$65,000
HH Income:
HH Composition:  Families
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Owned
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Mixed age groups
Mixed age groups
Mixed household composition
Mixed household composition
Rural locations
Rural locations
Farm owners
Farm owners
2-25 acres land
2-25 acres land
Average income
Average income

Farming Reliance are potential long-term and loyal customers who deeply value Australia’s environment and society. The automotive category can be lucrative, with high requirements for rugged vehicles suitable for an agricultural life. Investments typically are rare amongst this Type, preferring to instead pour their heart and soul into their farming business and spending the remainder to live ‘for the now’. Often too busy to worry about their health, there is an opportunity for brands to tap into this under-represented segment and take care of one of our hardest working providers.

Farming Reliance are mostly families that work in agriculture and farming. These established households tend to be composed of parents aged 50+ with multiple kids. Compared to other Types, Farming Reliance is amongst the highest ranking for being Australian-born. Given their distance from towns and amenities, as well as their large land size, it is common for there to be 3 or more vehicles in the household.

As the name implies, Farming Reliance have amongst the largest land sizes, second only to Outback Comfort. Standalone houses on 2 to 25 acres are the norm. Wide open spaces are what it’s all about. With one of the highest lengths of residence of all the Types, they aren’t in a rush to move anywhere soon. It is this long residency which helps Farming Reliance to own their home outright, with only a small proportion of them making mortgage repayments. Popular areas for this Type are Dubbo, Young and Inverell in NSW, Jimboomba, Mareeba and Sarina in Queensland, and Irymple, Mansfield and Hamilton in Victoria.

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Being in the country has its benefits. Farming Reliance takes full advantage of their environment and spend their free moments bushwalking, horse-riding, camping and fishing. Visiting agricultural shows have the combined benefit of mixing entertainment, socialising, networking and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in their industry. This Type aren’t big into gambling or drinking due to their remoteness, which also makes it difficult to visit friends and family as much as they’d like.

Farming Reliance can be a difficult Type to reach. They are not avid users of technology with poor cellular coverage, and mobile phones are only used for calls and texts. Due to their remoteness and their long working habits, this Type are also light consumers when it comes to radio, internet, free-to-air television and radio. Outdoor advertising is particularly effective due to their low overall exposure to advertising, however, its consumption level is relatively low, as expected.

Due to their location and vocation, Farming Reliance are very comfortable spending time on their own. Communication should speak to this Type’s independent nature. It should come as no surprise that Farming Reliance likes to be surrounded by nature and natural settings, this means messages highlighting a positive environmental impact will be looked upon favourably. Farming Reliance are proud to be hard-workers and like to support brands who they view as the same, so it is important to highlight messages such as ‘Australian-made’ and ‘giving back’.

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