Target Young Professionals on high incomes

Mosaic Segmentation, target Young Professionals

Determined Suburbans

Professional couples and singles with high income, owning their first home in high growth inner suburbs

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HH Income: $156,000 +
HH Income:
$156,000 +
HH Composition:  Singles & Couples
HH Composition:
Singles & Couples
Housing tenure:  Owned
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Millennials and Gen X
Millennials and Gen X
High income
High income
High growth inner suburbs
High growth inner suburbs
Expensive townhouses and terrace
Expensive townhouses and terrace
Managers & Professionals
Managers & Professionals
First home owners
First home owners

Determined Suburbans are an influential Type. They are often seen to give advice to their social network on a variety of topics such as food, travel and technology. On an upwards trajectory, these young professionals and singles are earning high incomes, and due to their high levels of post-graduate education these income levels are expected to continue to increase. With a significant amount of first home buyers, this Type is likely to be in the consideration stage for some major life expenses such as a furniture, appliances and even automotive.

Determined Suburbans are a mix of young, educated professional couples and singles who are new to the property market. They likely work in the CBD and the long-term priorities for the next couple of years revolve around ‘big ticket’ life milestones. At the younger end, they are aged between 25–34 working in technical fields or the sciences. They are subscribers to the thought of continuous learning, with many having sought out post-graduate qualifications leading to high personal incomes more than $150,000 p.a.

Determined Suburbans seek out up-and-coming suburbs. Being inner city and in proximity to the CBD isn’t their main driver, instead they are attracted to finding the right balance of relative proximity and affordability. It’s this balance which leads to them turning to public transport and riding into work over the gridlock of rush-hour. Residences are typically townhouses and semi-detached houses on medium sized blocks of 200–400m2. Popular suburbs for this Type are; Williamstown, Alphington and Essendon in Melboune, and Ashfield and North Ryde in Sydney. Despite a lower entry cost into these areas, mortgage costs are still substantial sitting around $4,000 a month.





Western Australia

South Perth

North Perth

Mount Hawthorn


Camp Hill



Determined Suburbans are a Type who values experiences and believes variety is the ‘spice of life’. Health and fitness is important, and this Type can be seen going out for a jog, weekend bike ride or even a nightly walk. Mass participation events are also a favourite, such as triathlons and fun-runs, which for this goal-led Type provides a tangible target to work towards. Experiencing different cultures also appeals, whether that’s sampling international beers, travel, or from a culinary perspective. Due to packed schedules, arbitrary big nights out with friends have now made way for more subdued planned private functions, however, socialising remains a priority.

For this Type, technology is their go to, they utilise their laptops and tablets for their news-fix. Podcasts provide a great avenue to satisfy their desire for self-development and streaming music means they have control of the content that engage them. Outdoor advertising works well and aligns to their active lifestyles. Determined Suburbans are heavily influenced by word-of-mouth and the recommendations of their inner circle, which make social media and generating talk-ability a big opportunity for advertisers.

This Type are very much ‘cutting their own path’ – not overly cautious or rooted in tradition, Determined Suburbans enjoy their alone time as it allows them to set ambitious goals and go after them. Organisation and being well-informed are important, meaning advertisers should provide the means for research and product comparisons. This Type are socially-conscious, believing in fairness and equality for all as well as having an interest in their local community and the environment. Opportunities which highlight the positive health benefits a product can offer will be taken with gratitude, as will brands positioning their offerings to optimise their lives.

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