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Mosaic Segmentation, target financially affluent people.

Central Prosperity

Middle-older aged empty nester couples renting very expensive
properties in inner-urban areas, with high income

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HH Income: $182,000 +
HH Income:
$182,000 +
HH Composition:  Couples
HH Composition:
Housing tenure:  Rented
Housing tenure:
Key Facts
Middle aged couples
Middle aged couples
Very high income
Very high income
Urban or inner suburbs
Urban or inner suburbs
Apartments and townhouses
Apartments and townhouses
High spenders
High spenders

Central Prosperity’s high levels of affluence and financial security mean they enjoy a great worry-free lifestyle. Substantial incomes and investments of $500,000 and over contribute to a financial freedom, and this Type take the opportunity to enjoy their lives free from money worries. The large family house in the most desirable suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney is now generally free of children. Keen buyers of luxury goods, Central Prosperity are big spenders and love spending time on social activities, having fun and seeing the sights and sounds that city-life can bring.

Central Prosperity are very affluent married couples in their late 40s or 50s. These empty-nesters are often free from the substantial mortgage repayments needed for the large family home. Now that the children have left, their now dependent-free lives encourage them to rent new properties in Australia’s most prestigious suburbs. The children have grown up and moved out to build their own lives and this gives these couples license to not only work hard but also play hard. Financial planning and wealth-maximising investment practices are important to Central Prosperity at this stage in their life, and it is important for them to keep an eye on the future and protect their current lifestyle.

The ability for this Type to afford rents at the highest level allows access to impressive properties in the leafy prestige but also trendy suburbs of Australia’s major cities. Despite a skew towards residing in Sydney and Melbourne, the exclusive rental properties that this Type seeks, can be spread across the metropolitan area. Areas like Brighton, Hawthorn and Albert Park in Melbourne; and Paddington, Manly and Darling Point in Sydney. The new-found flexibility means that Central Prosperity always keep an eye out for newly available rental properties. The promise of a better property and the search for something new perhaps contradicts the conventional image of the risk-averse wealthy empty-nester.





New South Wales




The internet is embraced by this Type. Clothing, perfumes, liquor and almost all other major categories are enthusiastically purchased online. When it comes to physical activity this Type love playing soccer and both forms of rugby. They also like being fit and active and enjoy running and triathlons. Mobile phones are only used for basic communications such as calls and text. Central Prosperity has both the funds and the freedom to eat out often and enjoy a drink or two to accompany their meals. The desirable metropolitan locations mean that this Type regularly enjoy galleries, theatres or seeing one of their old hero rock bands perform live at a huge stadium event.

Television is not a particularly attractive medium of choice for Central Prosperity. Traditional commercial TV holds no appeal, but Pay TV does. The newspapers and their favourite magazines are a much-preferred media choice. Central Prosperity are very unlikely to be using social media, however, they do use the internet to do research, especially for music, property and travel. Broad and creative use of the outdoor medium has appeal to this Type. They consume and are heavily-exposed to outdoor advertising during their day-to-day activities, and this provides an ideal potential channel to communicate with this Type.

The Central Prosperity household is typically contented and secure. Complete with a feeling of achievement, this Type will not respond to an aspiration-focused communication style. They are willing to take a chance on new opportunities and are keen to experience new things that appeal to their sensibilities. They are image-conscious and are particularly interested in fashion and clothing. It is important to be involved in today’s trends.

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