Location Planning

Use advanced data insights to make your next location investment decision

Utilise advanced data analytics to determine hard facts for your location planning

Now, more than ever, making the correct investment decisions around physical locations is critical to your organisation’s success. An incorrect location investment could cost your organisation both in revenue and wasted resources.

Deep understanding of your target audience, their behaviours and preferences, and critically, where they are over-represented should all form part of your location planning strategy.

Experian’s location planning solutions combine advanced consumer analytics with location and geospatial data. This helps you identify what makes your customers or outlets unique and provide you with a detailed understanding of the key socio-economic trends so you can optimise your location planning.

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Our location planning solutions

Location Analyst

An easy to use area profiling and catchment analysis tool combining rich consumer data to profile local markets, plan new locations and profile customers online.

Geospatial Analytics

Uncover critical insights on trade areas and any geographical competitive effects that could impact your outlets performance.


Gain deeper insight into consumer lifestyles, behaviours and locations to help you make more informed planning decisions

How our location planning services work

Experian combines robust consumer analytics and insights with location and geospatial data, all surfaced via an intuitive user platform, to better inform your location planning strategy and where you should make your next location investment decision.

  • Define and describe an area
    Define and describe an area
  • Compare and rank areas
    Compare and rank areas
  • Profile your customers
    Profile your customers
  • Map and report on coverage
    Map and report on coverage
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How Experian can help your location planning

  • Aligning your products, locations and consumers
    Aligning your products, locations and consumers

    In a data-driven society it pays to use accurate data and insights to inform decision making so you avoid wasting time and money.

    Experian can help take the guesswork out of your next location investment decision. By aligning your product offering with advanced consumer and location analytics you will have all the information you need to make smarter, faster and more accurate location decisions.

  • Identify the potential of local markets
    Identify the potential of local markets

    In an increasingly digital world, taking the leap into physical building locations or expanding your current network can feel like a daunting operation.

    By partnering with Experian, you can have the most relevant datasets at your fingertips when you need to make new location investment decisions. We combine consumer insights with location and geospatial data to give you all the answers you need for local location investment.

  • Visualise your location data like never before
    Visualise your location data like never before

    Understanding all the data parameters of your location planning can be complex so we have taken the pain out of understanding your location data with advanced visualisations.

    Use our pre-formatted maps, graphs and reports to illustrate your data, simplify interpretation and improve the quality of your analysis, so you can make location investment decisions with confidence.

  • Benchmark performance
    Benchmark performance

    Access the latest information on the size and value of local markets in terms of their demographics, consumer expenditure, and media and product consumption to benchmark performance at the lowest level of geography.

  • Optimise your local area marketing
    Optimise your local area marketing

    Marketing has come a long way in recent years with rapid advancements in data and technology. Broad targeting and generalised messaging will no longer cut it.

    By increasing your understanding of your customers and therefore, potential new customers, you give yourself an advantage over your competition. By combining demographics with location based insights, you have everything you need to create hyper-personalised marketing communications.

Why partner with Experian for location planning?

  • Advanced analytics
    Advanced analytics

    The most comprehensive consumer and location analytics in the market

  • Experience

    Deep data heritage and location data expertise

  • Intuitive technology
    Intuitive technology

    Easy-to-use software and insights at your fingertips

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