Experian Ascend Analytical Sandbox, analyse credit data in real time

Secure and scalable benchmarking, scorecard, customer management platform

Experian Ascend
Analytical Sandbox

Make better and faster decisions from powerful insights

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Looking for a one-stop-shop for credit analytics that creates actionable insight? We’ve got it.

In a market that is ever evolving through competitive and regulatory pressures, quick and accurate decisions to drive your business forward are increasingly important. Being able to combine, analyse and extract data to fit a wide range of business needs helps you unlock insights across your organisation to drive opportunities and a competitive edge.

Experian Ascend Analytical Sandbox gives you this power.

Ascend Analytical Sandbox is a powerful and secure analytics platform that gives you access to Experian’s Australian consumer bureau and a range of alternative data sources, including your own, on demand.

You can leverage a scalable set of analytics tools, enabling you to build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis on the platform in real time, before presenting them in many interactive formats.

Ascend Analytical Sandbox allows you to create unique insights by blending your own and third-party data with Experian’s market leading data sets, use future focused big data modelling toolkits, extract compelling decision-making material in seconds as well as develop and easily deploy models.

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  • Credit Risk Management
    Credit Risk Management

    Optimise your risk appetite. Assign realistic and quantifiable risk levels and acquire your ideal customer.

  • Credit Reporting
    Credit Reporting

    Access the entire Experian Australia Consumer Credit Bureau in a secure, fast and scalable environment.

  • Credit Analytics
    Credit Analytics

    Make unbiased decisions by analysing the whole market in real time. Combine your data with bureau and third party data for a complete view of your customer's credit status, plus the real performance of rejected and 'risky' consumers.

  • Credit Risk Modelling
    Credit Risk Modelling

    Benchmark key market segments and build production worthy scorecards, from application to transaction and collections models.

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Who is Ascend Analytical Sandbox for?

Organisations that are wanting to:

  • Expand their risk appetite

  • Benchmark against the market and competitors

  • Grow their portfolio safely

  • Control and monitor risk

  • Reduce unproductive costs

  • Build, test and validate models quickly

  • Identify new customer trends

  • Identify new opportunities and markets

What Ascend Analytical Sandbox Delivers

  • Instant, real time and unlimited access for quick insights

  • Access to the entire Experian Australian Credit Bureau for a complete view of customers

  • Efficiently develop and deploy models with an expansive library of attributes

  • Secure and scalable environment

  • Templated dashboards and comprehensive code library

  • Fully supported by our industry leading consulting services

Interested in seeing some of the value Ascend Analytical Sandbox can unlock? View the video.

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