Digital Identities

Improved audience monetisation

Additional linkage points, delivering greater returns on your audiences

Experian uses multiple online and offline identifiers to link first-party data with our audience segments and insights data.

Increase the value of first-party data with our Identity overlays, with over 100  million identifiers we deliver higher match rates with advertiser data sets, regardless of the identifiers collected.

This all means a publisher can offer more value to advertisers with larger audience sizes and more valuable segmentation.

Experian's Identity Graph

Experian manages over 100 million pieces of data on the Australian population

Experian’s Identity Graph contains various data points covering IP Addresses, Mobile Ad IDs, Email Addresses, Adobe IDs, UID 2.0s, Phone Numbers and Addresses. 

Regardless of the IDs you collect or those used by your advertisers, Experian can help you match records in a privacy and consent-compliant matter.


The solution:

Identity for Enrichment

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Find out more about who your subscribers are and how they live, both online and offline, by enriching your data with Experian modelled demographic and behavioural insights.



Show advertisers the true value of your audiences with more data points, valuable insights and higher match rates. Give advertisers a holistic view of who their customers are both online and offline.



Increase your audience with an understanding of where subscribers fit to better respond to RFPs.


Experian segment coverage

Greater match rates with Experian segments ensures a more complete understanding of your audience.

Larger Audiences

Scale your audiences with additional linkage data points to add value for advertisers. 

Higher match rates

Achieve higher match rates with advertiser data, regardless of the identifiers collected.

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