Digital Audiences

Increased return with enriched first party data

Improve your audience monetisation strategy by enriching first party data.

Enrich audience data based on a combination of demographic, geographic, financial and market research data - both online and offline data. Supporting you, the Publisher, to demonstrate premium value to your Advertisers

Experian Audience Enrichment

Who are they?

Life stage
Household Composition

Where do they live?

Property type
Recent movers
Number of bedrooms
Pool & Solar indicators


Household income
Mortgage / Rent
Credit demand

What they do?


What they enjoy?

Retail; shopper type, occasions
Travel; destinations, trips and type


Mosaic Types (51 different types)
Mosaic Groups (14 types)


Identify households where specific professional groups are likely to reside.

Why Experian for your Audience solutions?

Audience identification

Our data enables you to find and connect with audiences based on a combination of demographic, geographic, financial and market research data - both online and offline data. Our audiences go beyond interest based on online behaviours.


Identify your audience based on financial capability and intent to buy, not general interest.


Enhance your first party data at scale and speed.  

You know; Jo -

We know; Household composition, High assets, high income, low home loan repayments, likely to be university educated, likely to spend big on premium brands.


Omnichannel marketing; enabling you to connect with the same audience across a variety of platforms. Our data is available in over 60 digital platforms including social media, programmatic, Connected TV and Digital Out-of-home.

Data acquisition

We don’t use cookies to derive information.
We don’t rely on a single identifier, or single source.


Audiences are built from a wide variety of compliant sources. Data is aggregated, modelled and overlayed with Experian insight. 

Experian works directly with publishers across the sell-side landscape including display, video, Connected TV, and Out-Of-Home channels to help accelerate their audience monetisation strategies.


With over 1,200 segments comprising of demographic, geographic, financial, property and market research variables, our audiences can help you answer any brief across any industry or advertiser.

  • Improve the strength of your brief responses and drive more ad spend on your platform
  • Drive additional value with larger audience sizes
  • Better understand who your audience is to tailor your content and sales strategies

Experian Audience Insight Tools

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is the most comprehensive consumer classification tool in Australia. Mosaic utilises more than a thousand data variables from a variety of sources to develop a rich and detailed understanding of consumer behaviours and preferences.

What is ConsumerView?

ConsumerView is a unique view of Australia, covering approximately 70% of the adult population and 100% of households. This comprehensive proprietary database comprises over 100 demographic, socio-economic and behavioural characteristics.

Audience attributes are modelled using Experian's range of data sources.

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