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Instant clarification of merchant information behind a transaction


Customers can take control of their money by checking statements regularly to see what goes in and out of their account. When they don’t recognise a transaction or merchant details don’t match what’s on the bank statement, this can result in customer confusion, increased call centre traffic and longer call times.

We’re here to help with the Experian Merchant Search Portal. 

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Easily and efficiently help your customers

By using our Merchant Search Portal, you can instantly clarify merchant information behind a transaction, helping you to provide fast, quality service to your customers when they contact you.

The portal requires no tech integration and can be instantly rolled out to your contact centre and branch network.

Benefits at a glance


Improve the customer experience

Instant clarification of merchant information to provide fast, quality service to your customers


Reduce call duration

Helps reduce call times from over 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes to save thousands of hours per annum.


Reduce chargebacks

Chargebacks due to “transaction not recognised” queries and friendly fraud may be reduced.


Instant roll out across your business

There is no tech integration required and can be rolled out instantly to your contact centre and branch network.


Market leading data

An unrivalled comprehensive database of 1 million merchants.


Simple pricing

No long contracts and no complicated pricing tiers. Just simple, clear pricing so you can focus your resources on other priorities.

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