Loyalty and Rewards

Create a frictionless experience so you can reward your customers in real-time

Scheme agnostic friction free rewards or cash-back

Many organisations seek that edge to stay front of mind. One way of doing this is leveraging the “loyalty effect”. Loyalty programs are a powerful motivator to get consumers to spend money with a brand for a benefit, whether it’s rewards or cash-back. However, customers want to be rewarded swiftly with as little effort as possible. Here is where we can help.

By automating your loyalty program processing, your customers can be rewarded within seconds; you can remove errors from manual processing, whether that be from incorrect data entry, missing information, or even fraudulent information; and you can reduce your operational costs. 

Our Loyalty and Rewards solutions

ABN lookup

Merchant verification

Effortlessly allocate loyalty points or cash rewards and invoice merchants with this scheme agnostic solution.



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