Transaction Enrichment

Market leading transaction enrichment to truly understand bank statement data


Transaction data is the key to providing your customers with valuable insights that can help them improve their financial wellbeing, and help your business make better decisions. However, transaction data can often be confusing for customers as well as expensive and time consuming for banks to resolve queries and glean insights from.

Using our super fast API, you can transform the customer experience while at the same time, significantly reduce costs through lower volumes of calls and chargebacks.

Transform the digital banking experience

Provide your customers with instant clarity on what, where and how much they’re spending in real-time with our multi award-winning transaction enrichment solution.

With over 7 billion transactions processed per month, a 98% match rate and accurate, in-depth detail on up to 50 transactions provided in less than 35ms, you can truly understand bank statement data fast.

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Benefits at a glance


Improve the customer experience

Instant clarity on what, where and how much your customers are spending in real-time.


Real-time transaction notifications

You can enable meaningful real-time transaction alerts for your customers to help them stay on track.


Market leading data

An unrivalled comprehensive dataset of over 96 million transactions linked to a database of 1 million merchants.


Reduce call centre traffic

Call centre traffic due to “transaction not recognised” queries may be reduced by up to 50%.


Reduce chargebacks

Chargebacks due to “transaction not recognised” queries may be reduced by up to 25%.


API driven

API driven so the solution can be seamlessly integrated with your existing digital applications.

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