Credit Management

Quick, fair and frictionless lending decisions

Create a better lending process

Make your lending processes work for you and your customers. An optimal lending process helps you strike the right balance between opportunity and risk. It should be fair, consistent and transparent in its decisions; seamless and slick in operation; insightful and flexible behind the scenes; as well as automated and smart.

With our Credit Management solutions, you can streamline your lending process whilst ensuring the service provided is proportional to what a customer can afford, whether they are new to your business or existing.

Our Credit Management solutions

Income and expenditure

Income and Expense Categorisation

Streamline your lending processes with our real-time categorisation of income and expenditure.



Accurately analyse your customers’ income and expenses for an instant understanding of their affordability.

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Income Identification

Digitally identify income in seconds so you can make informed decisions quicker.

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