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Help your customers get access to their credit information

Credit information can often be complex. Whether your primary purpose is focused on comparing marketplace products, or consumer education, making it simple and informative for your customers to achieve greater credit health is your top priority. If you are an organisation a consumer has entrusted and authorised to act on their behalf to retrieve credit information, we can provide solutions to help you meet your customer credit information needs. Accessing their Experian Credit Report and Score is the start to helping your customers understand their information.


Access your customers’ credit information

An Experian Credit Score is a view on how a credit provider may see the information on your customer’s Experian Credit Report. The Experian Credit Score is a number between 0 and 1,000 - a higher score indicates a greater probability that an individual will be able to service their debt.

A credit report reflects an individual’s financial behaviour. It includes things like their credit history, the credit accounts they hold and their credit score. Lenders use this information to help them with credit decisioning, but they’re not the only ones who can benefit. Help your customers understand how their report may help them improve their credit score, which could mean access to credit or lower rates of interest to help them achieve their goals.

Additionally, Experian can help service your customers by letting you know when there is new information on their Experian Credit Report, or changes to their report on a frequent basis.

How Experian Credit Reports & Scores help

Access to your customers’ Experian Credit Scores

Access to your customers’ credit information

Help your customers monitor any changes to their credit information

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