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Are payment gateway transactions causing frustration and confusion for your customers and your business? Experian Digital’s enhanced transaction enrichment solution is here to help.

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With over 7 billion transactions processed per month and a match rate of 98%, we understand the importance of clear and accurate transaction information. It’s key to providing your customers with valuable insights that can help them improve their financial wellbeing, and help your business make better decisions.

Transaction data, particularly payment gateway transactions, can be confusing and frustrating for your customers, not to mention expensive and time consuming for your business to resolve enquiries and glean insights from. We can help with our enhanced, super-fast API to provide greater clarity for transactions.

Gain greater clarity of payment gateway transactions fast

Say goodbye to payment gateway transaction description challenges with the latest enhancements to our transaction enrichment solution. You’ll see more detailed information about each payment gateway transactions, and not just the category.

With over 7 billion transactions processed per month, and a 98% match rate, we continue to provide accurate, in-depth detail on up to 50 transactions provided in less than 35ms, you can truly understand transaction data fast.

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Helping your business and customers thrive


Enriched transaction data

Instant clarity on what, where and how much your customers are spending in real-time. For payment gateway transactions your customers can more easily identify the merchant and link the appropriate spend category.


Real-time transaction notifications

You can enable meaningful real-time transaction alerts for your customers to help them stay on track.


Reduce call centre traffic

Call centre traffic due to “transaction not recognised” queries may be reduced by up to 50%.


Reduce chargebacks

Call centre traffic due to “transaction not recognised” queries may be reduced by up to 50%.

Why partner with us?


We are trusted by many financial institutions, including Australia’s largest banks, to deliver innovative, accurate data-driven solutions.

Market leading data

An unrivalled comprehensive dataset of over 96 million transactions linked to a database of 1 million merchants, for accurate and meaningful spend insights.

API driven

Our solutions are API driven so they can seamlessly integrate with your existing digital applications.

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