Today's lending landscape demands a delicate balance between responsible lending practices and delivering seamless customer experiences. While measuring affordability isn't a novel concept, the dynamic nature of consumers' financial situations calls for a more critical and sophisticated approach.

60 percent

Credit decisions

60% of lenders recognise the potential harm of poor credit decisions on customer financial wellbeing.

63 percent

Customer acquisition

63% of risk experts prioritise responsible customer acquisition as their top business goal.

53 percent

Financial stress

53% of risk experts admit difficulty in reliably identifying financial stress until a late payment.

Enhance affordability assessments for smarter lending decisions

In this ever-evolving landscape, understanding a consumer’s financial health is paramount. Harnessing data and technology empowers you to make well-informed affordability assessments throughout the customer lifecycle.

Rapid income insights

Rapid income insights

We simplify income assessment, providing a clear, up-to-date picture of a consumer’s earnings. Unlock income trends for precise affordability decisions at the point of application and beyond.

Expenditure and indebtedness insights

Expenditure and indebtedness insights

Affordability extends beyond income. Accurate expenditure and indebtedness insights help calculate disposable income. Our solution offers a holistic view of a customer’s financial situation.

Continuous affordability monitoring

Continuous affordability monitoring

Proactively identify risks and emerging vulnerabilities with ease. Our solution ensures you can monitor a customer’s financial wellbeing consistently.

Enhanced support for vulnerable customers

Enhanced support for vulnerable customers

In a challenging economic landscape, we offer tools to monitor financial circumstances, manage risk and provide timely support to those in need.

Empowering your business and customers


Operational efficiency

Enhance operational efficiency with streamlined and automated affordability assessment processes.


Responsible lending

Effectively manage your risk and meet responsible lending obligations with a comprehensive view of affordability.


Better decisions

Treat every consumer as an individual and make the right decisions at the right time for better outcomes.


Frictionless customer experience

Simplify the customer journey and support experience with seamless affordability assessments. 

Why partner with us?


The best of best of both worlds – quality and quantity. Our breadth of data is unmatched, as is our continuous focus on data quality.


Technology is our lifeline to the future – the vehicle for transformational data and analytics to power opportunities.


We focus on clients’ challenges and foster a culture of innovation. We have a track record of industry firsts.


We are trusted by many financial institutions, including Australia’s largest banks, to deliver innovative, accurate, data-driven solutions.

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