Data Quality

Data Quality in Local Government has never been more important.

As residents continue to expect seamless digital interactions with Government agencies, Council’s are required to accelerate their digital transformation and customer experience initiatives to deliver critical services in a modern and efficient way. 

Data quality for local councils

Trustworthy, valid and consolidated data assets enable Councils to communicate effectively with residents, reduce customer service times, drive digital self-service, as well as de-risk large scale data migrations.

Experian can help you prepare your data assets to have a Single Constituent View, encompassing all platforms held within your council such as; NAR Information, Rates Register, Pet Registration, Accounts, Park Bookings, and Customer Request Management.

Experian works with over 80 Councils across Australia

Is your Council investing in any of the following programs or initiatives? 

  • Cloud & System Modernisation 
  • Customer Experience 
  • Data Migration 
  • Data Governance 
If so, have you considering the benefits and impacts in your program as a result of Data Quality? 
DQ for councils - park


  • Improve resident communications with valid address, email & mobile details.
  • Reduced call centre times, allowing customer service reps to perform more valuable tasks.
  • Extract valuable insights and analytics with trusted levels of data quality
  • Better rates and revenue collections processes.


  • Failed and inefficient data migrations due to poor and duplicate data.
  • Inability to create self-service portals.
  • Significant manual data preparation and remediation with legacy processes.
  • Low ROI of major system investments and transformation programs.
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How Experian helps

how experian helps

Improving the quality of your data enables simpler matching and de-duplication across all your systems. Accurate, high-quality data is an essential part of digital transformation within local government.

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Our solutions for local government

Contact Data Validation

As people’s lives change, so does their data. As a result, your data can become outdated very quickly. Experian’s address cleaning expertise and Australia Post’s National Change of Address (NCoA) data can uplift your residents (constituents) data to help ensure you provide quality service experiences. Our Address data is sourced and enhanced from the most authoritative sources: Australia Post PAF, G-NAF and Geoscape.

Data Migration

With the help of our Data Quality Platform (Aperture Data Studio) you gain visibility into your data and achieve greater control over the migration process. De-risk and streamline your migration project to ensure you successfully move your data to the new environment on time and on budget.

Single Constituent View

Many local authorities have multiple data sources, which can cause confusion, errors and delays. By getting your data sources to work together effectively, you can work seamlessly across different departments, avoiding duplication, as well as lost critical data. Experian's Single Constituent View solutions incorporate best in class data preparation, data matching, golden record creation, monitoring and consultancy capabilities.

Data Governance

Data Governance is the key to sustainably unlocking the full value of the data you own - so that it can underpin your data strategy, not just today, but on a long-term basis. For an effective governance strategy, you need to put in place the correct processes, people, and technology.

Data Quality Statistics for Local Government

Average percent of valid addresses
Average % of Valid Addresses
Average percent of valid emails
Average % of Valid Emails
Average percent of Valid Mobiles
Average % of Valid Mobiles

Partnerships with all leading ERP/CRM providers

Experian is the leading Local Government Data Quality provider, servicing over 80 Councils to guarantee trust in the quality of data, whilst saving significant cost, time and risk on mission-critical transformation projects. Through highly specialised software & services, as well as partnerships with all leading ERP/CRM providers including TechnologyOne, Civica, Pathway, Salesforce CRM & Microsoft Dynamics.

Having access to up-to-date, consolidated databases will enable you to streamline operations, optimise processes, cut costs, and deliver a better level of service to your community.
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Key benefits

Provide enhanced self-service portals (across all services) to constituents, creating an improved overall customer experience.

Improve the council’s ability to invest in services that are most important to the community based on an accurate view of the particular services that constituents are utilising.

Reduce the workload on call centre/administration staff by reducing constituent requests to update contact details via the phone.

Increase revenue collection (e.g. property rates, parking fines, etc.) through improved accuracy, validity and recency of constituent contact data.

Proactively prepare constituent records to a high level of data quality ahead of the pending migration into a new ERP system, saving time on consultancy hours required when the new system is implemented.

Why Experian

Data quality

The most authoritative address data repositories in the market


Deep data heritage and location data expertise


Innovating since day one. Flexible deployment.


Access to address data from more than 245 countries around the world


Save time and money by eliminating issues and errors

Customer satisfaction

Improve the experience for your customers with an intuitive and fast solution

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