The Information Difference Data Quality Landscape Q1 2022 names Experian as a leading vendor in the data quality market

Experian has been recognised as a top data quality vendor in the latest Data Quality Landscape from The Information Difference. Each year, the firm reviews the players in the space and how their technology and market strength are evolving against new market demands and trends.

“Data quality continues to be a struggle for many organisations, despite the increasing need to be agile and become more data-driven. Stakeholders often lack trust in data, but that can improve with business-centric analysis that reveals data challenges and presents a clear path to resolution,” said Erin Haselkorn, Director of Analyst Relations.

“Experian’s data quality solutions allow our clients to tackle their data projects with speed and agility, giving them the confidence and time to put their data to use.”

Data quality landscape Q1 2022

In addition, The Information Difference revealed that Experian’s clients were the happiest clients of all the vendors surveyed.

How can Experian help you

According to our latest research, 93% of business leaders say that the quality of contact data has become more important than ever over the last year. Another 85% indicate that poor-quality contact data for customers negatively impacts their operational processes and efficiency.

Given the increasing reliance on data, Experian can provide a wide range of solutions to fit your business needs to make data ready for anything.

Data validation solutions

Our data validation solutions cleanse and standardise your critical customer contact data, ensuring your operations can run smoothly across in-person and digital operations. We specialise in:

  • Address Validation
  • Email Validation
  • Mobile Validation
Data quality platform

Experian Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality and globally curated data sets in an intelligent data quality and enrichment platform. It empowers modern data practitioners to rapidly build a consistent, accurate, and holistic view of their data. A business-centric interface and robust rule suggestions and automation allow even non-technical users an opportunity to prepare their data for a wide variety of tasks. The solution allows users to:

  • Identify issues with a wide range of data sources
  • Create custom, shareable, and reusable workflows for collaboration and consistency
  • Validate and cleanse information
  • Bring together records using sophisticated hybrid matching technology
  • Better understand consumers and businesses through additional data insight from Experian

We are proud of our business-centric data quality tools, and we hope you will get in touch to see how Experian can help you improve your data insights.


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