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The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the financial wellbeing of many consumers. The increased financial pressure and hardship some customers faced and are still facing, increases the risk of debt accumulation and missed repayments. This can lead to higher volumes of customers seeking hardship support. Having the right tools and processes in place is key to protecting customers and your business.

Introducing Experian PowerCurve® Customer Assist

PowerCurve Customer Assist is a cloud-based digital platform that automates processes for customers facing financial difficulty and helps organisations manage unexpected spikes in demand.

It addresses a dramatic increase in customer enquiries with a self-service customer portal to submit hardship applications, an agent portal to manage applications, and two-way messaging to ease customer communication.

Underpinning PowerCurve Customer Assist is:

  • PowerCurve Customer Communications, our cloud-hosted contact centre enabling organisations to effectively reach customers through their preferred channels at a time that suits them.
  • PowerCurve AIVA, our Artificially-Intelligent Virtual Assistant for highly efficient and discreet customer interactions.

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How PowerCurve Customer Assist can help

  • Automation of the hardship process for operational efficiency and cost savings

    <p>Automation of the hardship process for operational efficiency and cost savings</p>
  • Self-service portal with offers delivered in real-time

    <p>Self-service portal with offers delivered in real-time</p>
  • Multi-channel, multi-lingual automated communication

    <p>Multi-channel, multi-lingual automated communication</p>
  • Real-time integration with PowerCurve Collections

    <p>Real-time integration with PowerCurve Collections</p>
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