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Consumers are creating large amounts of data every day, and you’re capturing it at every moment through your brand, product and service touch points. While this information can be leveraged and used to your advantage, often it doesn’t provide you with some of the most important insights you need – going beyond the customer journey to actually get to know the customer.


Mosaic defines, measures, describes and engages audiences through accurate segmentation, enabling you to have more strategic and sophisticated conversations possible with your consumers.

How does Mosaic work?

Mosaic layers comprehensive information about every household on top of your existing data, giving you unprecedented insights into who your customers are, how they operate, and how best to reach them.


Next-level segmentation brings your customers to life with pen portraits, word clouds, infographics, animations, interactive maps, bar charts and crosstabs.


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Key Benefits

  • Make smart customer investment decisions

  • Deliver significant return on marketing spend

  • Build loyal, long-term relationships with your most valuable customers

  • Maintain consistent consumer experiences across all touch-points

Mosaic in Action

Mosaic contains 14 Groups and 51 Types which segment the Australian population to further understanding of your customers and target audiences, their behaviours and lifestyle choices. Below is a sample of eight Mosaic Types.

Middle-older aged empty nester couples renting very expensive properties in inner-urban areas, with high income.
Young, married couples with children and high income, living in outer-suburban/metro-fringe areas.
Young diverse couples, well-educated, transient, city centre renters with high income and no children.
Professional couples and singles with high income, owning their first home in high growth inner suburbs.
Millennial singles renting in coastal tourist areas, with below average income.
Blue-collar families from multicultural backgrounds, living in outer-suburban areas, with average to high income.
Middle-aged couples without children, renting in inner suburban apartments and terraces.
Rural farmers and farm owners with below average income, living 10-40km away from the nearest town.
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