Knowing who your customers are is the first step to marketing more effectively

Data helps us to establish consumer trends and understand their journeys. We’re able to plot out when, where, why and how. But we almost always have limited information about who our customers are.

Who are these consumers? Where do they live? How do they see your business? What are their aspirations and restraints? Having answers to these questions is vital to building strong, long-term relationships with the people most valuable to your business.

Mosaic gives you a complete profile of your customer segments

Experian’s Mosaic tool lets you combine your own customer insights with next-level detail into consumers across the country to achieve a complete 360 degree profile of each of your customer segments. Mosaic classifies all Australian households and neighbourhoods into 49 unique segments and 13 overarching groups, providing insight into consumers’ choices, preferences and habits.

Using the latest demographic and behavioural trends, Mosaic gives you the context behind consumer decisions and the insight to be able to target the right people, with the right content, through the right channels, at the right time. Plus, it brings it all to life with pen portraits, word clouds, infographics, interactive maps, bar charts and crosstabs, giving you the power to turn insight into action.

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