Experian Marketing Suite for marketers

Cross-channel marketing that centers around your customer

Differentiate your brand through truly rich customer experiences by activating your customer data to create intelligent interactions, every time.

Acquiring, retaining and growing customers are critical to every organisation. In today’s market, that means communicating with consumers in a more personal and relevant way, as well as delivering more coordinated and intelligent interactions across every channel and device.

With a foundation of industry leading customer data linkage technology and powerful cross-channel campaign management and execution, the Experian Marketing Suite provides marketers with unparalleled capabilities to maximise the value of their customer data across every channel and device.

Putting the customer at the center of everything you do

The Experian Marketing Suite gives marketers a rich feature set to drive customer acquisition, increase customer loyalty and improve marketing return on investment.  Only Experian can provide the right combination of data-driven, award-winning technology that is both powerful and scalable, as well as unparalleled services and strategic consulting based on more than 35 years of in-depth analytical expertise, to help you build and empower a modern marketing team. 

With the Experian Marketing Suite, marketers can:
  • Link customer identities across channels and devices to create more targeted and engaging interactions
  • Identify and profile customers
  • Manage customer interactions across online and offline channels from a single platform
  • Respond to customer behavior across channels in real-time
  • Analyse customer activities through a single source of data
  • Measure, attribute and optimise marketing performance

Experian Marketing Suite

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