Update Customer Information With Experian Hub

Update customer defaults, comprehensive accounts and credit reports

Meet regulatory requirements, self service client reports

Experian Hub

Self-serve access to help you meet your regulatory needs

Focus your business activity on your customers and reduce the need for manual compliance processes that also require your customers’ engagement and time. The Experian Hub is a tool to help reduce complexity and meet your regulatory obligations.

Take control and address your regulatory needs

Any credit provider must have a corrections process when updating or adding consumer information. For clients who do not have an established system or process to update or add data, this task becomes complex, and can lead to cost implications.

This is where we can help. The Experian Hub puts control back in your hands, giving you self-service access to update customer defaults, comprehensive accounts or credit reports on your customers.

How Experian Hub can help

  • Simplify complex regulatory tasks to reduce cost implications

    <p>Simplify complex regulatory tasks to reduce cost implications</p>
  • Instantly update defaults and accounts

    <p>Instantly update defaults and accounts</p>
  • Self-serve access to reports on your customers

    <p>Self-serve access to reports on your customers</p>
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