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Experian Credit Services & Decision Analytics offers a wealth of resources through informative whitepapers, research reports, webinars and online videos. These valuable resources have been created to equip you in developing best practices and to help you make informed business decisions for your company.

Consumer Credit Insights

View the InfographicConsumer Credit Insights Infographic

Experian's Consumer Credit Insights Infographic combines extensive data held by Experian on the Consumer Credit Bureau with the wide-ranging property information held by CoreLogic. Click below to download your copy today!

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Evolution of Banking & Financial Services eBook

View the eBookEvolution of Banking & Financial Services eBook

In this eBook, Experian explores the challenges, changes and opportunities facing the financial services industry.

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Expert Opinion Piece: Denise Tipping, Experian Global Consultant

Expert Opinion PieceExpert Opinion Piece: Denise Tipping, Experian Global Consultant

An expert opinion piece published in RFI's Global Retail Banker. Denise Tipping provides deep insight on how to exceed customer expectations and deliver a superb customer experience reflecting on some of the key challenges facing the financial services industry.

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Fraud Chat with Albert van Wyk

Fraud ChatFraud Chat with Albert van Wyk

Albert van Wyk, Head of Fraud & Identity at Experian A/NZ discusses consumer and corporate insights into the Australian fraud landscape - how it can impact you, your business and what strategies you can adopt to safeguard yourself and your systems.

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Fraud Perspective Papers

Balanced Fraud Prevention is Key in Today's Omni-Channel EnvironmentBalanced Fraud Prevention is Key in Today's Omni-Channel Environment

An exploration of the dangers that both consumers and businesses face in today's omni-channel environment.

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Corporate Fraud- Protecting Australian Organisations Against AttackCorporate Fraud: Protecting Your Business Against Attack

Find out about fraud in today's businesses and how to build and implement an effective response strategy.

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Protecting the Customer Experience

Protecting the Customer Experience

Discover how to combat fraud and protect your customers.

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Sureveillance, Staging and the Fraud LifecycleSurveillance, Staging and the Fraud Lifecycle

Turning the tables on cyber criminals.

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Fraud and Identity Solutions OverviewFraud and Identity Solutions Overview

Find out how Experian’s Fraud and Identity Solutions help clients build trusted relationships with legitimate customers and constituents at every point of contact.

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FraudNet for eCommerceFraudNet for eCommerce

Upping the Game: As customer convenience demands rise, so does the digital assault against merchants. Identities, credit cards and passwords are traded, bought and sold as commodities in underground forums, opening the door to malicious use by fraudsters. Learn how you can effectively detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

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Protecting and Growing your Online EstateProtecting and Growing your Online Estate

In a business climate with no shortage of challenges, balancing the need to detect fraud risk while avoiding disruption to genuine customers has to be a critical priority.

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Comprehensive Credit Reporting

Comprehensive Credit ReportComprehensive Credit Reporting: Are You Ready?

The introduction of comprehensive credit reporting spells change for credit providers. It's vital that organisations understand the implications for their business and begin preparing for this change.

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Global Market Updates: Current & Future Trends

Comprehensive Credit ReportGlobal Market Update 6: The Comprehensive Credit Reporting Issue

This update delves into the opportunities associated with Comprehensive Credit Reporting and how this data can be used in conjunction with customer lifecycle data, originations information to improve risk assessment, customer affordability and lower loss likelihood.

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The Originations ReportGlobal Market Update 5: The Originations Issue

This report delves into the importance of credit acquisition and whether your organisation is doing all it can to make the most of its data, policies, tools and systems.

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The Analytics ReportGlobal Market Update 4: The Analytics Issue

The beauty of analytics is the fact that it is real and tangible rather than possible and theoretical, and in this issue we try to show you how to take good advice forward into real results i.e. ‘show me the numbers’!

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The Collections ReportGlobal Market Update 3: The Collections Issue

In this edition we talk about collections, as a key focus for most organisations not just early in the new year when arrears traditionally spike up, but more generally as economic concerns continue to prevail. Learn more about how to achieve best practice in collections.

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The Telco ReportGlobal Market Update 2: The Telcos Issue

The second edition of the Global Market update focuses on the issues associated with the Telecommunications industry. Experian has worked closely with the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) for the past six years and have some great insights in to the industry trends.

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The Focus on Fraud ReportGlobal Market Update 1: Focus on Fraud

Fraudsters do not target one individual organisation, they target as many as possible in order to gain maximum benefit. By working together, organisations can greatly increase their chances of identifying fraudulent behaviour and subsequently prevent losses. 

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Whitepapers and Webinars: Debt Management, Risk & Fraud Resources

experian-understanding-fraud-report Understanding the Fraudsters modus operandi
Understanding the behaviour of fraudsters is essential in order for us to enable our clients to manage and optimise risk prevention and to detect and reduce fraud throughout the customer life cycle.>> Download Report



experian-debt-management-reportRisk Adjusted Marketing Report

Risk Adjusted Marketing focuses on bringing risk and marketing dimensions closer together, to better understand consumers. >> Download Report & View Webinar




Report on Debt Management for Telecommunications


Experian delivers a Decision Analytics proposition that addresses the key debt management challenges and enables your business to minimise bad debt, rehabilitate customers rapidly to reduce churn and maintain revenue streams.>> Download Report


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