Unleashing digital potential in 2013

Consumers’ lives are changing, which means marketing practices must alter with them. Assisting companies to get on par with the new market conditions, the Experian Digital Trends Report 2013 unveils key movements to watch out for in the year ahead.

Modern marketing is dominated by buzzwords which every professional should be au fait with – social, mobile, email, search and data management all feature at the forefront of the marketers’ mind.

In 2013 we are faced with the challenge of marketing across all these channels and maintaining an omnipresent stance throughout.

Everyday consumers are sharing nuggets of information about themselves with brands, and it will become the marketers job to monetise the data they are fed. Interpreting online behaviour will allow brands to leverage digital insight for true cross-channel marketing. In addition it provides the opportunity to identify  geographic hot spots to target for new customer acquisition.

Emails should be optimised for the mobile device on which they are opened, ensuring that the products are relevant and tailored to the recipient, delivering dynamic, live content. The ability to update email content once it is in the inbox is also a fascinating digital development which helps keep the message organic and relevant.

When it comes to social, the challenge for marketing departments will be to monetize and measure their social investments by understanding the value of the data, insights and conversions that these social channels create. We project that social media will see an evolution and more mainstream adoption of tools that provide straight forward ways to measure the value to the business of social sharing.

Search will continue to grow as internet users become increasingly reliant on search engines as their passport to the web. But search behaviour is rapidly evolving, and SEO techniques will have to change to maintain search positions. Longer key phrases rather than keywords are more likely to garner the interest of search algorithms and users, with pictures and underlying aspects of the site also more important to its success rate.

Finally, mobile will have to be closely monitored. Consumers are shifting towards mobile apps to simplify their life, which means investment in engaging, simple and useful mobile experiences will be key to keeping consumers interested and coming back.

Connecting channels and creating a seamless consumer experience will ultimately win out. To find out more about the emerging trends for coming year download the latest report.

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