Multichannel marketing – the way of the future

Understanding changing consumer behaviour and the impact it has on brand communications is at the heart of what we do. We thrive on the identification of a new trend and are fascinated by the ways in which marketing communications evolves – particularly in today’s age of the connected, highly mobile consumer. So towards the end of last year we conducted a study to understand the perceptions of marketers and consumers towards brand communications and discovered a startling disconnect between the two audiences.

The results showed that approximately six out of ten consumers (59%) have completely stopped engaging with four or more brands as a result of poorly targeted communications. We also noticed an apparent wariness consumers had towards brand communications on social media sites; almost three in 10 (29%) of consumers ranked social media as among the three marketing channels they trusted least when receiving information about a brand.Yet to some extent this is very similar to the trend we saw when corporate emails and EDMs were issued five years ago. It takes time for consumers to become accustomed to a new method of communication.

However it’s not all doom and gloom and there is a lot that marketers are doing well. For example, we found that 89 per cent of marketers are using customer segmentation strategy. In fact, 69 per cent of marketers say they are becoming more selective in choosing channels that most effectively engage with customers.

But the key challenge identified by half (50%) of Australian marketers lies in cutting through the white-noise to get messages through to the consumer as information overload remains a roadblock for the industry.

As we continue to move deeper into an era of multichannel marketing, marketers need to be more selective in their communications and deliver them in a way that is personally relevant to the audiences they are targeting.

There is no doubt that marketers are vying for the attention of consumers and are working hard to ensure their messages are heard. Standing out from the crowd today requires a deep understanding of how and when consumers want to engage across all channels, including social media. If you can invest the time here, the results and impact it has on your overall brand performance should speak for themselves.

Download the full research report here.